Health Benefits of Pepper

In addition to its predicate as one of the most-used cooking spices, pepper is also good to be used as an ingredient for a home remedy. It is rich in natural compounds that is good to promote your brain health. Here are some benefits of consuming pepper for your health.

Prevent Parkinson’s disease

The first health benefits of pepper is to prevent Parkinson’s. It is reported that an active ingredient in pepper which is called piperine, can help to stop the enzyme that destroys dopamine. In people with Parkinson’s, the level of dopamine – as a neurotransmitter – is very low.

Treat depression

When you feel sad, your brain may be lacking in serotonin. When consuming pepper, you allow piperine to stimulate the brain to produce the serotonin hormone.

Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

It is written in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease that the habit of using pepper, especially black pepper in dishes can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Recover stroke

It is proved that inhaling the aroma of pepper can activate parts of the human brain that function to help you swallow. The result is obtained after conducting a research on people who had a stroke with a difficulty to swallow.

Reduce the risk of heart seizures

Avoiding heart seizures is the next health benefit of pepper that many people do not know. It is believed that the piperine content in pepper can control the flow of calcium which causes nerve cells to release neurotransmitters. It means that the risk of seizures can be reduced.

Lose weight

Pepper contains a chemical compound known as capsaicin, the same compound that makes a spicy taste in chili. For your information, capsaicin is useful to help you lose weight. It is also capable of burning calories and fat.

Get rid of nasal congestion

Another function of capsaicin is to cleanse the sinuses. Besides, it can even help fight sinus infections by clearing the nasal airways. Thus, pepper is said to be good to help loosen breathing when the nose is blocked.

Prevent stomach ache and headache

It is, indeed, true that pepper cannot cure a stomach ache, but at least it can prevent this disease. Spicy or hot pepper can kill bad bacteria in the stomach which can cause stomach aches.

Besides, capsaicin compound found in the pepper works by blocking the neuropeptide, the main transmitting nerve pain to the brain. This is the reason why eating pepper can reduce pain symptoms during headaches.

Treat arthritis

It seems that capsaicin contained in pepper has so many benefits. Again, another advantage that you can get from consuming capsaicin content is to prevent inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory compound can help alleviate inflammatory conditions, such as swelling and pain of arthritis.

Maintain your heart health

Theoretically, too much body fluids can adversely affect your heart health. The amount of fluid around the heart wall will cause the tension in it. We can imagine how dangerous this condition can be.

One of the signs that you can observe when your body contains too much fluid is the swelling in the ankles and hands.

Reduce high blood pressure

Pepper and chili generally contain a lot of vitamin A, C, and flavonoids. All of these substances are effective to reduce high blood pressure.

Prevent cancer

Believe it or not, capsaicin is actually able to kill certain cancer cells, especially prostate cancer cells.