Home Apps 3 Learning Apps Free that Makes Your Kids Love to Learn
3 Learning Apps Free that Makes Your Kids Love to Learn
3 Learning Apps Free that Makes Your Kids Love to Learn

Merakyat.org – Don’t let your kids use a mobile phone without learning. That’s why you should download a learning app on your mobile phone. Then, let your kids learn while playing with the phone. You don’t have to get confused to choose the best learning apps for kids. The learning apps free below can be your reference.

Duolingo Kids 

Do you want to improve the language skills of your kids? If so, download Duolingo Kids. This app teaches your kids to learn some languages around the world, including English, French, and Spanish. The process is more fun because it offers challenges and rewards. 

Your kids are about to earn virtual coins anytime they win the challenge. Due to the challenges and all activities, the Duolingo Kids app is suitable for 4 to 8 years old kids. Unfortunately, this app is only available on iPhones and iPad. 

How about if you are an Android user? Don’t worry! BrainPOP Featured Movie is ready to help your kids to learn from a mobile phone. Just like the name of the app, BrainPOP Featured Movie provides animated movies, along with narrative, humor, unique characters, and others. 

The most important thing is that it serves kids’ language. As a result, kids can relate to and understand it. Download this app if you have 9 to 12 years old kids at home. Best of all, this learning app is compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon App Store, and Windows Store. It is one of the learning apps free your kids should play.    

Bedtime Math 

Learning math is so confusing. Your kids can be mad and stop learning if you don’t find the right math learning method. Bedtime Math can be one of the solutions. This app is a fun way for your kids to learn math. It consists of basic math subjects, such as addition and subtraction. 

Let your kids use this app at night before sleeping. Slowly but surely, they will love math. It is a simple learning app and perfect for 3 years old or older kids. Use your Android and iOS to download this app for free. 

Now, you don’t need to worry if your kids are using a mobile phone, especially if you have the learning apps above. At least, they can learn something from it that will be useful for their study process. Best of all, it is not only the kids who are happy with the learning apps free but also you. So, download one of the apps and see the effect on your kids.

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