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4 Free Payroll Apps You Need To Try
4 Free Payroll Apps You Need To Try

Merakyat.org – In this article, we provide a guide to choosing the free payroll apps available and their features. However, before we dive deeper into free payroll apps, it’s a good idea to first understand what a payroll app as a whole is all about. Here is the explanation:

What’s Payroll?

A payroll application is a type of application that makes it easier to calculate employee salaries. In the process of calculating salaries, HR departments need to ensure that they are calculated based on employee attendance data, benefits, PPH 21, overtime, BPJS contributions, etc.

Free Payroll Apps for You

1. Open Miracle

Open Miracle is a free payroll app that has been around for a long time. As an open-source accounting application, it helps you prepare employee payroll data efficiently.

It contains various settings related to the payroll component that make it easier for HR to calculate employee salaries and how paystubs work in Word, Excel, and online. However, this application has limitations. Open Miracle is not recommended for companies with many employees. Itsuitable for those with small to medium-sized businesses. 

To use Open Miracle, you need to download Microsoft SQL Server so that Open Miracle can run. Open-brace payroll in HROpen Baraza HR Payroll is a free payroll application for companies with a large number of employees.

HR departments can use this app for a variety of purposes, such as creating payroll reports, calculating incentives, creating payslips, and more. Features available from this app include providing simple payment statements, managing benefits, managing employee loans, and managing employee benefits.

2. HRTrack

This is one of free payroll apps that includes basic features found in a typical payroll app, such as payroll, benefit management, attendance management, and more. Unfortunately, this application can only be implemented in companies with a small number of employees. HRTrack can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook and is currently only available on the desktop. to encourage users to use it with Microsoft Outlook.

3. BoardWave

BoardWave is a very easy-to-use payroll application, perfect for small businesses. This free payroll app can be linked directly to your company’s account, so you can integrate it with your company’s financial records, including employee payroll. One of its main features is direct deposit, so you don’t have to pay your employees in cash.

4. HR.my

HR.my has a simple payroll automation system. This app can automatically generate employee payslips every month. HR.my also supports payroll processing for different periods, such as monthly, weekly, or biweekly.

This online leave application comes with a variety of features, such as the calculation of allowances and deductions for calculating overtime. Other features, such as flexible Indonesian payroll software, are also very useful. For example, if an employee’s salary changes, it can be easily changed. This application is also available for both desktops and smartphones.

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