Home Apps 4 Free Sleep Sound Apps that Work to Help You to Achieve a Deep Sleep
4 Free Sleep Sound Apps that Work to Help You to Achieve a Deep Sleep
4 Free Sleep Sound Apps that Work to Help You to Achieve a Deep Sleep

Merakyat.org – Don’t underestimate your sleeping quality. A low sleeping quality leads to a variety of issues, including exhaustion, stress, dizziness, lack of stamina, and many more. The simplest way to fix your sleeping quality is by using a sleep sound app. The list of free sleep sound apps below will help you to choose the best one to use. Using the best app will maximize the result you get. 

White Noise Lite 

It is a classic sleep sound app, along with Lite, Full, and Pro formats. Download the Lite version to get the free version of this app. People choose to use this app because it gives a lot of sounds, such as rain, waves, and others that make your brain relax for a while. 

Relax Melodies 

It is one of the free sleep sound apps with over 30 million downloaders. This app is attractive from the interface up to its features. It seems that you are already relaxed and ready to deep sleep once you open this app. 

The custom sleep soundtrack is one of my most favorite features. This feature allows you to customize nature sounds, melodies, white noise, and binaural beats to accompany you while sleeping. The goal is to ensure that you can reach your deep sleep only in a few minutes by listening to your favorite relaxing sounds. 

Nature Sounds 

Do you have a dream to sleep accompanied by the sound of nature? You don’t have to go camping only to make your dream come true. Download the Nature Sounds app on your mobile phone. Just like the name of the app, Nature Sounds offer a variety of sounds from nature, such as oceans, rain on grass, mountain forest, calming fields, and others. 

You can also create a custom sound to make your dream come true. It seems that you are close to nature once you open this app and turn the sound on. Best of all, you will fall asleep in only a few minutes and wake up fresher. 


Sleepo is another recommended relaxing sound app you should download. This app suggests up to 32 relaxing sounds you can choose and mix. A timer feature also helps you to set when you will listen to the soundtrack and stop. It is okay if you want to listen to the relaxing sound all night long if it is necessary. Unfortunately, this app is only available on Android devices so far.   

Now, you have four free sleep sound apps that work. Use the app regularly and feel the difference before and after using it.

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