Health Benefits of Millet

Research has concluded that there are lots of health benefits of millet. The benefits are so numerous; some of them are cancer prevention, healthier digestion, and cholesterol deterrent. Are those all the benefits contained in millet? Obviously not! Be thankful that there are still more you can find in this amazing grain. But first, what is millet actually?

What it is

Millet is a kind of small-seeded grass that is cultivated a cereal crop. Millet has been popular as a staple food before the rise of rice and wheat, especially in arid regions. Millet may have been consumed since the dawn of human civilization. Believed to be native of China, millet is now widely popular in India. Annually, India produces 10.3 tons of millet and exports it globally.


There are several uses of millet for human life. Aside from staple food, millet can also be utilized as bird and animal feed. Another use of millet is that it is used as one of the ingredients of local alcoholic drinks in India and Nepal. However, the most popular form of millet is, still, for staple food.

Health benefits

There are many health benefits you can find in millet. What do you think are they? Are you eager to know? Let’s figure them out!

1. Prevents cancer

Free radicals can be found everywhere in our daily life, and they bring the threat of cancer more obvious to our body. Fortunately, millet contains so many antioxidants that are used to prevent any free radicals from disturbing you. The grain is rich in selenium, pantothenic acid, and selenium. The three of them are effective antioxidants against free radicals. Consume millet regularly and the chance you suffer from cancer (especially stomach cancer) will extremely plummet.

2. Makes your digestive system healthier

The next health benefit of millet is to make your digestion healthier. How does millet do that? Well, millet is rich in fiber. Fiber helps your gastrointestinal system to digest the foods you have eaten easier. Fiber is also useful to remove cramps and bloating, commonly suffered by human digestion. Also, millet is able put you away of constipation thanks to its fiber.

3. Relieves asthma

There are several researches that study about the correlation between asthma and consuming millet. Most of them concluded that people who consume millet as their main source of staple food have less chance to suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems. Now, how do these facts correlate on each other? Turns out that some people suffered from asthma since they are allergic to wheat. On the contrary, millet has no such negative effects. Further study is apparently needed regarding this matter, though.

4. Normalizes cholesterol level

Another miracle of fiber that is abundantly available in millet is that it has the ability to put you away from chronic cholesterol. It cleans the bloodstream and prevents any blood clog. Fiber also reduces the amount of LDL cholesterol in your body. Your body becomes safe from any bad effects of cholesterol.


Millet is an ancient grain that is popular both in the past and the present time. It is one of the main sources of staple food in human civilization. It has been figured out that there are many health benefits of millet that are important for our body.