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4 Marvelous Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Health benefits of olive oil? Are there any? What benefits can you possibly get from this Mediterranean liquid vegetable fat? Why, of course, there are any! Plentiful of benefits can be obtained from this oil.

Olive oil is widely consumed in the Mediterranean region as staple consumption for centuries. It is also promoted as a healthy substitute for cooking.

Olive oil is healthy, especially when the oil is still fresh and of extra virgin quality. Extra virgin quality is the highest quality of oil you can purchase in the market, but usually costs the highest.

Extra virgin quality itself means that the oil is taken directly from the source without a refinery process that involves the extraction with the help of any chemical substitutes.

Since it is unrefined, the oil is more natural. It is purer and contains more nutrients than the refined ones. Now, let’s check the benefits of olive oil!

1. Reduces inflammation

There are many severe diseases that are caused by inflammation. Some of them are arthritis, cancer, and heart attack. How does olive oil keep us from inflammation? Inflammation can be cured with a number of antioxidants.

One kind of antioxidant contained in olive oil is oleocanthal. According to several studies, oleocanthal has a similar effect to ibuprofen (a drug which cures inflammatory).

Oleanolic acid found in olive oil contains oleocanthal. It is known that regular consumption of olive oil can prevent you from inflammatory effect.

2. Makes you look younger

Antioxidants are beneficial in order to achieve anti-aging properties. As mentioned earlier, you can find a generous amount of antioxidants in olive oil.

Other than oleocanthal, the antioxidant contained in olive oil is secoiridoids. Secoiridoids reduces stress suffered by your cells.

It also contributes to anti-aging properties since it helps your body to activate the signatures of your gene.

It prevents your cell from aging too quickly. Keep in mind that you have to cook it with moderate heat, as overheating eliminates the anti-aging effects, rendering the oil useless.

3. Makes you lose weight easier

The next health benefit of olive oil is to make your body less fatty. Everyone wants an ideal body shape. It makes you more confident and more appealing.

Besides, obesity is also dangerous for your body as the fat accumulated in your body obstructs your bloodstreams. Fortunately, olive oil is low on “bad fat”, while contains a generous amount of “healthy fat”.

Healthy fat, or nonsaturated fat, does not contribute to make your body obese; therefore it is advisable to consume olive oil when you are on a diet. According to studies, people who prefer olive oil are observed to be less prone to weight problems.

4. Prevents you from cardiovascular disease

Since olive oil contains so low saturated fat, it is less likely to make you suffer from blood clogging. It is also already mentioned that olive oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, useful to keeps you away from heart disease.

It also contains antioxidants, right? It is also useful to prevent cardiovascular disease, you know! The oil is also able to improve the quality of your bloodstreams. Well, who knows that there are so many health benefits of olive oil?