Home Apps 4 Running Apps for Beginners That Motivate You to Achieve Your Running Goals
4 Running Apps for Beginners That Motivate You to Achieve Your Running Goals
4 Running Apps for Beginners That Motivate You to Achieve Your Running Goals

Merakyat.org – You should start running now since it helps to build strong bones and control your weight. At the same time, running can also strengthen your muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness, and even prevent chronic diseases. The simplest thing to do to start running is to install running apps for beginners. Here, we have several recommended running apps for beginners to support your health goals. 

Couch to 5K 

Just like the name of the application, Couch to 5K is about to guide you from a person who lay on the couch to start running up to 5K. The developer provides a 3D trainer who will show you the best training and workouts for runners. 

The goal of this application is to motivate you to run at least 20 to 30 minutes three times per week. Best of all, you are about to run up to 5K after nine weeks. This application is effective enough for those who have plans to join a 5K race. 

It also looks friendly with virtual trainers, Johnny Dead, Constance, Billie, and Sergeant Block. They will train you through audio, so you don’t have to check your mobile phone all the time. There is a feature to track your progress, including your total distance and average pace. 


Strava is also one of the recommended running apps for beginners. The features are effective enough to motivate you to run, including a feature to see your running progress and set running goals. It seems that you are following a virtual game since it has some challenges and competitions. 

The system will announce the result on the leaderboards. The winner even receives a reward. It is a great application for competitive runners. You are about to keep exercising and running until ready to join a real running competition.  

Gymboss Interval Timer 

Gymboss Interval Timer helps to reprogram workout intervals to manage between running and walking well. As a beginner, you may not know about the right time to run, sprint, stop to breathe, or walk. It is the reason why you get easily exhausted while running. 

This app is about helping to manage your running interval. As a result, you know the best time to walk, stop to breathe, run, and sprint. The highest goal is to ensure that you are not burnout in the early stages while keeping you motivated to increase your running progress day by day. 


MapMyRun is a popular running application with over 40 million users. The feature allows you to track distance, duration, calories burned, and average pace. You can also connect to other runners to share valuable experiences. Runners love to use this app because it is compatible with most wearable tech. That’s why it has become one of the recommended running apps for beginners.    

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