Home Apps 5 Best Handyman Apps to Get Excellent Services to Your Home Repair
5 Best Handyman Apps to Get Excellent Services to Your Home Repair
5 Best Handyman Apps to Get Excellent Services to Your Home Repair

Merakyat.org – An on-demand service startup is a technology innovation. You can solve any problems with the startup applications. You can fill your needs and demands with the applications. You can get handyman services through these applications. There will be some recommended handyman apps to get the best services for home renovation and repair. 

1. Taskrabbit 

Some handyman apps are available in the market to install on your phone. You can use it for enjoying excellent services. You can order the services comfortably with one click and order. Taskrabbit is one of the recommended handyman apps to install on your smartphone. It is an American on-demand handyman app enabling customers to order home repair and care services such as cleaning, moving, furniture assembly, etc. You can order food with this application. It is available in 47 cities in the US, 4 cities in the UK, and one city in Canada. 

2. Handy 

Handy is also a recommended handyman app to install on your phone. It is based in the US located in New York. It offers some home care and services such as electricity, cleanliness, movement, services, etc. It also proffers its services in the states of the USA, UK, and Canada. It has a broad network and links. 

3. Thumbtack 

What is another recommendation for the handyman app? You can use Thumbtack. It is a private on-demand handyman company based in California. It provides almost 1000 different services to choose from. It provides some services such as home tutors, makeup professionals, dog trainers, cleaners, florists, and many more. You can check the reviews and ranks before you select the best handyman app. 

4. Urban Company 

Another handyman app is Urban Company. If you locate in Asia, it is a good recommendation. It is the best home care and service provider offering some amazing services. You can order AC repair, home salon, cleanliness, electric services, painting services, etc. It also provides disinfectant service during the pandemic of Covid 19. Of course, it is the best solution for home care and repair. It operates in 18 cities in India and 4 international cities. 

5. Porch 

A porch is one of the best handyman apps. It provides almost all services of home care such as the installation application, furniture assembly, electric jobs, movement, installation of the HVAC system, security installation, etc. It also provides home care and services for big brands such as Walmart, Bing, eBay, etc. 

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