Health Benefits of Kidney Beans

Is there any health benefits of kidney beans? Yes, there is. Not is, but are! There are many health benefits you can find in these tiny reddish things named after our internal organ, which is kidney, for its similarity in color and shape (albeit much smaller). These beans are popular throughout the world and widely consumed in various dishes.

Origin and a reminder

According to recorded history, the common bean (kidney beans are a variety of it), or Phaseolus vulgaris, came from Central America. It was then distributed throughout the world via global trade and became popular. Kidney beans are consumed in the form of fully cooked, since cooking them improperly or consuming them raw is highly lethal. Common bean contains phytohaemagglutinin, and the kidney beans variant contains the highest level of the toxin. Fortunately, the toxin dissolves if you boil them for ten minutes or longer, so always cook them properly!

Health benefits

For God’s sake, please cook your kidney beans! If cooked properly, kidney beans give you several benefits. All of those are beneficial to improve your health quality. Now, let’s head to the list of it!

1. Prevents cancer

Cancer can be prevented if you keep away from free radicals. How to keep away from them? Consume a number of antioxidants! Fortunately, kidney beans are rich in manganese, which is a variant of antioxidants, which in turn, can prevent you from cancer. Kidney beans help you to destroy the free radicals harming your body.

2. Helps you to lose weight faster

Kidney beans contain a rich amount of fiber. Another health benefits of kidney beans is that they help you to lose weight easier. Fiber helps your digestive system to digest food easier and faster. Therefore, your metabolism is enhanced and you are less prone to get fat! It also contains high protein, further increasing the chance of you getting the better body shape.

3. Reduces the risk of stomach problems

It has been mentioned earlier that kidney beans contain a high amount of fiber. Fiber aids your digestive system and strengthens it, reducing any problems your digestive system would encounter. Stronger means healthier, right? Also, kidney beans contain nutrition that potentially decreases any cancer possibilities, including stomach cancer, from developing in your body.

4. Enhances your brain memory

Kidney beans strengthen your cognitive function since it contains a generous amount of vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is highly important for your brain in order to help it to process neurotransmitter which is needed to maintain concentration and good memory, which in turn, helps you to memorize better. Your brain becomes sharper as ever after you consume kidney beans regularly!

5. Keeps you away from the risk of heart attack

Kidney beans are able to make the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) level in your body lowered. A study has found that consuming kidney beans regularly can plummet the level of LDL in your body, but it will not disturb the level of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) inside your body. You won’t need to worry about heart attack disease if you consume kidney beans! Wow, it is so amazing to find out that there are so many health benefits of kidney beans!