Health Benefits of Tea

The Health Benefits of Tea Important to Acknowledge – Tea is an ingredient for beverages that has so many good substances for our body. Some of the substances are the caffeine, polyphenol, and the essential oil. When talking about caffeine, people may sometimes worry a little bit since this is indeed addicting. But you should not worry; the tea has much less content of caffeine so that it can work optimally for your health.

So, what are the health benefits you can find by consuming a cup of tea regularly? Here they are.

Burning the Fat and Losing Weight

Those two benefits are indeed related to each other. Yes, the essential oil contained tends to burn the fat as well as smooth the digestive system. Uniquely, not only is it good to burn the fat from the outside, the process of natural fat production in the body can also be disturbed by it.

Therefore, you should not be surprised if by consuming this beverage regularly, your weight can just be lost faster. Sure, the effects can be different for all people based on the current metabolism conditions and their habits of exercising. Make sure to drink the tea without sugar to fasten the losing weight process.

Reducing the Risks of Heart Attack

If you are worried about the cardiovascular diseases, the tea consumption is just a good solution for this. It is due to the polyphenol content that is effective to reduce the cholesterol and sugar blood levels. The blood clots formed from the cholesterol, when they are accumulated, it can cause heart attack and stroke. Meanwhile, the antioxidant in tea is able to melt the clots.

Related to the sugar blood level, the antioxidant is also able to balance it. Therefore, you can also reduce the risk of diabetes at the same time. Of course, the tea you consume should have less or no sugar.

Protecting the Bones

Several types of tea contain a substance namely phytochemical. This is functioned to protect the bones from damage and even problems like osteoporosis. It is proven by some researches showing that tea drinkers for more than 10 years tend to have stronger bones. In some countries with a habit of drinking tea like Japan, the elderly above 50 also tends to be stronger.

Preventing Cancer

Polyphenol, an antioxidant found in the tea is really effective to fight against the cancer cells. Cancer is basically formed from the growth of abnormal cells. Meanwhile, the antioxidant is able to stop the growth.

Improving the System of metabolism

A type of polyphenol contained in the tea, it is polyphenol katekin takes a role to enhance the energy utilization in the body. This substance indeed has a warming characteristic or thermogenesis. Despite the fat burning mentioned before is caused by the performance, it also fastens the fat oxidation process and turns it into energy.

Another effect given by the process is related to the insulin sensitivity. It is not only improving the metabolism but also helps you in preventing diabetes.