Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

There are some health benefits of Himalayan salt that can be useful for you. Some of them are a natural sleep aid, body pH balancer, and bone strength enhancer. But those three are not the only benefits of Himalayan salt.  You will find the rest of the benefits in this article. But first, what is Himalayan salt? Where does it come from?

What Himalayan salt really is

Himalayan salt, unsurprisingly, came from the Himalayan Mountains. Precisely, from the Punjab region of Pakistan. It was formed two hundred million years ago when our earth was still forming. The first person who discovered it was Alexander the Great in 326 BC  when he figured out that his horse was licking the rocks found there when he and his armies were taking a rest. Since then, Himalayan salt is widely used as many forms.

Uses and health benefits you can get

Himalayan salt is usually used to give a flavor to dishes, like other common salts. Aside from that, in blocks, it is also used as a component to make griddles, baking stones, and recently, salt rock lamp. By the way, do you know that Himalayan salt also contains many health benefits? Let’s check them out!

1. Relieves sinus problems

Boil a cup of water, put a spoon of Himalayan salt in it, and wait for it to reach lukewarm temperature. Then, pour it in a neti pot and do a nasal irrigation with it. It helps you flush away any annoying mucus when you’re having flu. It also helps to minimize the risk of seasonal allergies and relieves your sinus problem. If you are curious about how to use a neti pot, there are several video instructions on the internet which might help you.

2. Balances pH in your body

Your body needs to have a balanced pH in order to work more properly. Either to alkaline or too acidic is unhealthy for you. Himalayan salt can remedy that. It can regulate the level of pH of your blood, making it more neutral. A body with a neutral pH is absolutely better than those with acidic or alkali level.

3. Strengthens bones and teeth

The next health benefits of Himalayan salt is it helps you to gain stronger bones and teeth. Himalayan salt contains several minerals which are crucial to form solid bones and teeth. The minerals contained in Himalayan salt are calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium. All of them are able to stimulate your body in order to properly form your bones and teeth, making them stronger and solid.

4. Helps you to rest better

It may sound weird, but Himalayan salt does assist you to get a better sleep. There was a research conducted in 1989 that people who consume less sodium are more prone to wake up at night than people who consume enough sodium.  However, apparently further studies are needed regarding this matter.

5. Works as an air purifier

No, no, this one works when you do not eat it. Himalayan salt can also be formed as a big crystal and used as a lamp. Usually, it is used for ornamental purposes. However, it is discovered that the lamp made of Himalayan salt crystal is able to absorb any toxic substances contained in the air we breathe, hence purifies the air. Wow, there are so many health benefits of Himalayan salt!