Health Benefits of Eggs

Is there any health benefits of eggs? An egg is one of the animal protein sources that we often consume daily. In term of nutrition, the egg is indeed known as the superfood. It means that consuming it in a right amount can just give you so many benefits whether it is the white egg or the yolk. So, what are they?

Maintaining the Vision’s Health

The content of carotenoid and zeaxanthin in the yolk is good for the health of your vision. Carotenoid is a sort of antioxidant that protects your eyes from the free radicals, particularly on the retina. Besides, the substance also reduces the risk of cataract and macular degeneration experienced by the elderly.

Protecting the Heart

Consuming eggs is good for your heart. Although it is said that the risk is also there particularly by the yolk, it actually depends on the egg intake you apply. In fact, the yolk doesn’t have any direct effect on the heart. Even the content of choline in it is able to manage the cardiovascular function. Besides, this substance is effective to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Aside from the choline and mineral contained, yolk indeed has a high level of cholesterol. But you should know that the high cholesterol actually doesn’t give any direct impact to your cardiovascular system. As long as you apply such a healthy lifestyle like regular exercises, it is no matter to consume the eggs even more.

Improving the Brain Performance

Similar to the fishes, the yolk also contains Omega 3 that is good for your brain performance as well as the memory. Omega 3 is also functioned to protect your body from the brain in relieving the inflammation as well as reducing the risks of cancer.

Strengthening the Muscle

An egg is known for the protein. Protein itself is important to build up the strong muscles. For the bodybuilders, there are even suggested to consume the many boiled white eggs after workouts to gain the mass.

If you don’t have any intention to increase the muscle mass, you may not need to consume the white eggs as extreme as them. Just eat the egg along with other meals like vegetables so that the nutrition is balanced.

Improving the Bone and Nerve Performance

The choline, aside from improving the cardiovascular functions, it is also good for the methylation process or the process for DNA formation. This way, the functions of nerve systems can also be optimized.

For the bone, eggs contain vitamin D used to absorb more calcium. So, it is not surprising if the eggs are often recommended to prevent the osteoporosis.


Still, about the choline, this antioxidant type is very good as the process of detoxification or the process of taking out the toxin and other unnecessary substances from the body. There are so many benefits if the proper detoxification can be conducted. It simply improves the immune and metabolism systems.

When the immune system is good and strong enough, it helps you to maintain your body from outer attacks like virus and bacteria that cause diseases. Even cancer can just be prevented to come.