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6 Health Benefit of Milk and Still Necessary for Adults

What is the health benefit of milk? Milk is one of the natural products of animals. Although almost all mammals produce the milk, there are only some of them that are consumed by the human. The most common one is, of course, the milk from cows. You can directly drink it after the sterilization; the milk can also be processed into many dairy products like cheese and yogurt.

Indeed, there are some prohibitions of milk consumptions when you are in certain conditions like overweight. But in general, this liquid has so many benefits for your health. What are they?

Improving the Health of Bone

Milk is one of the calcium sources which are important for the bone’s growth and development. It also plays an important role to keep the body strong as well as improve the density. For children, the consumption helps them to grow up more optimally. Meanwhile, for adults, it is good to prevent the osteoporosis.

The calcium contained in the milk is more easily absorbed than it in the vegetables. Besides, it also contains phosphor, magnesium, and protein that are also important for the bone’s health.

Preventing the Teeth from Damages

Just like the bones, the calcium and phosphor in the milk are helpful to maintain the health of your teeth. There is a substance namely casein, a kind of protein especially found in the milk. It is functioned to form a protection layer on the enamel. Therefore, the damages and plaque can be prevented.

Meanwhile, the iodine strengthens the teeth and makes it free from the germs and bacteria. Milk also has vitamin D to protect the gum from problems including gingivitis and periodontal.

Forming the Muscles

In general, the milk is effective for the muscle formation. It is due to the content of whey and casein. Whey is really easy to digest and break into amino acid to be absorbed by the blood.

For protein milk commonly consumed by the bodybuilders, the content of whey and casein is added so that the effects can be seen only in a short period of time.

Protecting the Digestive System

By regular consumption of milk, it helps you to protect the digestive system from the unnecessary bacteria. It reduces the risk of cancers in the area of colon and rectum. Besides, since it contains a big amount of water, you can prevent constipation and diarrhea with it.

Losing Weight

It sounds impossible and in contrast with what we have believed all this time. But yes, the milk consumption can actually help you to lose weight. Of course, you should choose one of them that is low fat but still maintaining any other substances including the calcium, iodine, phosphor, and the others.

Reducing Stress

Milk is a good way to help you get rid of the stress. Particularly after being busy with the hectic schedule all day long, a cup of hot milk tends to relax the nerves. Milk is also proven to reduce the symptoms of the pre-menstrual syndrome and improve the energy.