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6 Ways an Apple Watch Can Benefit Teachers in the Classroom

6 Ways an Apple Watch Can Benefit Teachers in the Classroom

Merakyat.org – As educators, we continuously integrate technology in our classrooms to support and enhance our students’ learning. We always want to provide them with the latest and greatest tools available. However, oftentimes, we don’t receive the same level of attention and resources for ourselves. In this article, we will explore how an Apple Watch can be a valuable tool for teachers in the classroom.

6 Ways an Apple Watch Can Benefit Teachers in the Classroom

Apple Watch Can Benefit Teachers in the Classroom

1. Use the Timer Feature

Managing classroom activities and transitions can be challenging, especially when students are rotating from one station to another for reading groups, guided reading and math rotations, and more. The timer feature on the Apple Watch can be a game-changer in these situations. With preset timers ranging from 1 to 120 minutes, teachers can easily keep track of time without having to return to their desk to start or restart a timer manually. Additionally, custom timers can be set if needed.

2. Set Reminders and Alarms

As teachers, we are constantly juggling numerous responsibilities and tasks throughout the day. Setting reminders and alarms on the Apple Watch can be extremely helpful in managing our daily routine. These reminders can be used for various purposes, such as taking attendance, switching subjects, reminding yourself to call a parent, passing out forms, and more. Teachers can also set alarms for specific activities, such as transitioning to a different guided reading group. The Apple Watch’s silent vibration feature is particularly useful, ensuring that students aren’t distracted by any sound or noise.

3. Track Your Health

Teachers are known for their busy schedules, often neglecting their health in the process. The Apple Watch’s health tracking feature can be an effective way to monitor and improve one’s health. With the three-ring system, teachers can track their daily standing, exercise, and calorie goals. The weekly summary provides an overview of how many calories were burned each day and suggests a personalized calorie goal. This feature can motivate teachers to be more active during the day, even if it’s just walking to the copy room or to lunch.

4. Play and Pause Music

Playing music in the classroom can be an effective way to motivate and engage students. With the Apple Watch, teachers can conveniently control the music on their phone without having to touch it. Whether it’s playing music during stations or rotating, the watch’s play and pause feature makes it easy to control the music, keeping the classroom focused and on-task.

5. Use the Powerpoint Remote

The Powerpoint Remote feature on the Apple Watch can be particularly useful during presentations or interactive activities. By using the Keynote app on your iPhone or Office 365, teachers can control the presentation from their Apple Watch. The forward and back buttons, elapsed presentation time, and slide number can all be controlled through the watch. Teachers can easily move around the room, engaging with their students while still being in control of the presentation.

6. Check Email

Checking email can be time-consuming and may distract from teaching responsibilities. However, some emails may require immediate attention, such as last-minute changes in the schedule or important announcements. With the push notifications feature on the Apple Watch, teachers can quickly screen their emails to determine their level of importance. This feature can save time and ensure that teachers don’t miss any critical information.

At the End

An Apple Watch can be a valuable tool for teachers in the classroom. Its numerous features can help manage time, track health, control music, manage presentations, and screen emails more efficiently. Incorporating technology in the classroom can lead to better outcomes for students and teachers alike.