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7 Benefits of White Radish for Body’s Health
7 Benefits of White Radish for Body’s Health

Health benefit of radish especially white radish is known to be varied because of various nutrition contained. Such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, calcium, iron, folic acid, beta-carotene, and many more. This is why white radish has a lot of health benefits for the body. What are exactly the benefits? Check these out.


White radish is a kind of vegetable that contains a lot of waters. So that this vegetable is really good to get rid of toxins inside the body. Consuming a white radish routinely will be beneficial to get rid of the toxins in the stomach, liver, and blood vessels.

Preventing Kidney Stones and Bladder Infection

White radish is very good in cleaning the kidney stones and preventing the bladder infection. The diuretic characteristic of this white vegetable prevents the crystallization in urine and the occurrence of the kidney stones. Moreover, another benefit of a white radish is able to get rid of toxins the blood flow.

Keeping the Blood Pressure

The next benefit of consuming a white radish for health is keeping the blood pressure. It is because of the potassium and fibers contained in a white radish. Not only able to keep the blood pressure, routinely consuming a white radish can also keep the level of cholesterol in the blood. If you want to reduce the level of your cholesterol, you are suggested to start consuming a white radish.

Preventing Cancers

The antioxidant substances including anthocyanins, folic acid, and Vitamin C contained in a white radish are able to prevent the deathly disease, cancer. A white radish can fight against a stomach cancer, intestinal cancer, and also kidney problems. A high level of fibers and waters in a white radish help the body to easily get rid of any toxins inside the body.

Increasing the Immune System

A high level of Vitamin C as the antioxidant is able to fight against the free radical. It is very helpful in increasing and improving the immune system. So that it is suggested to consume a white radish every day to keep the body healthy.

Medication for Jaundice

Consuming a white radish can be used to heal jaundice. The great substances contained in a white radish suppress the excessive production of bilirubin. A blood disturbance caused by jaundice will be treated by a white radish by supplying the oxygen from this vegetable. So that for the jaundice sufferers, routinely consuming a white radish is suggested.

Beneficial for the Bones and Teeth

A white radish contains phosphor and potassium which function to build a strong bone arrangement. So, consuming this white vegetable can prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis. While for kids, consuming a white radish will be beneficial for the growth of their teeth. You can use a white radish to make a juice combined with orange or other fresh fruits for your kids.

Consuming a white radish at least once in 2 days will keep your body healthy. Moreover, you can also get the health benefit of radish.

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