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7 Best Movie Streaming Apps on iPhone or Android
7 Best Movie Streaming Apps on iPhone or Android

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    1. 0.11.Crackle
    2. 0.22.Tubi
    3. 0.33.Vudu
    4. 0.44.Redbox
    5. 0.55.Yidio
    6. 0.66.Popcornflix
    7. 0.77.Pluto TV
    8. 0.8Conclusion

Merakyat.org – Having a mobile device with a large storage capacity doesn’t mean you can enjoy many movies that you like. Yes, you may save many movie files in it. But, compared to the movie streaming service that has thousands of movies available to access, you can’t rely only on your device storage. 

Fortunately, you can now find many applications that allow you to enjoy those movie streaming services. So, by installing one of these apps on your Android or Apple device, you can access thousands and even millions of movies that you can watch. Here, we have already put together seven apps that we consider the best movie streaming app for iPhone or Android phones.


Crackle is a movie streaming app that has thousands of movies for you. It is compatible with various devices. Not only on Android and iPhone, but you also can use it on Smart TV, gaming consoles, and many more. Therefore, if you plan to watch a movie on a bigger screen than your mobile device, you can do that easily with this app.

You don’t need to create an account to access its service. It means you don’t have to share your personal information. And, that’s a good point from a safety perspective. The movie list also has filter options, which help you find the movie that you want to watch much faster. Best of all, all movies you can access through the Crackle app already have a subtitle. So, you can watch any foreign movie that you like.


You can access the Tubi service from its website. However, this service also provides the Tubi app you can use on your mobile device. As for this movie streaming app, you can find more than 35,000 movies and TV shows. Best of all, you can get the list of each category, so finding the movie or show you want to watch doesn’t take too much time.

Tubi is also a good app for the family because it also provides a kid’s category. Moreover, all movies you can find through this app are available in high definition. That will give you the best experience in watching a movie.


Vudu is also another movie streaming app you can try. One of the best things you can get from this app is you can enjoy free movies. However, you might have to watch it sooner because often they remove those free movies. Moreover, you also don’t need to pay for using this service. Just use the Free with Ads mode, and you can enjoy the movie without paying. Of course, you have to deal with the ads, but that’s acceptable for this convenient way to watch a movie from your mobile device.


This app is the best choice for free movies. Yes, it has the same free movie services as other apps. However, Redbox offers better movie organization features. You will know which movies are free to watch, or which one that is going to leave the free section. You also can easily find the most popular free movie with one tap. Plus, no need to sign in to use the Redbox service.


Yidio is more like an app for searching for free movies on the internet. Then, once you find them, it will tell you which app you should use to watch that movie. Yidio doesn’t host those movies on its server. Therefore, you will need to install the extra app to watch them. But, it can find you a lot of free movies that you might never find when you search for them yourself.


If you don’t want to waste your time shortening out the movie and TV shows you want to watch, Popcornflix is the answer. This app helps you to find the movie and put them in several categories. So, you can easily find the genre that you like or even the star that you want to watch. It has ads, but mostly the ads are short.

7.Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a provider of various entertainment products, including movies. Its on-demand movie is one of the best movie collections you can access through its apps. In this category, you can find popular movies that you can’t find on another app. It also has a live movie service. You can watch them at the time when they broadcast it. Just a reminder here! You can’t watch the movie here for free unless it enters the on-demand section. Otherwise, you need to pay for its service.


All movie streaming apps here offer a collection of free movies. We chose them because of that reason. You only have to install one of the apps you like on your Android or Apple device. Then, you can watch your favorite movie anywhere, anytime, and for free. Of course, we recommend the paid version for the better and latest movie. Try them now!

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