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9 Health Benefit of Banana, the Most Appealing Fruit

Despite its affordable price, banana has many health benefits and it tastes delicious. Studies show that by eating three bananas per day will mean adding about 1500 mg of potassium to the body, and potassium is good for our health. Here are some benefits of consuming bananas regularly.

Control your blood pressure

The first health benefit of banana is to control your blood pressure. There are many types of researche reporting that eating at least three bananas every day means reducing high blood pressure. Normally, there are more than 400 milligrams of potassium in every single medium-sized banana, which is also almost sodium free.

Improve heart health

Health experts say that a high-fiber-food intake is good for your heart. A high-fiber diet has been associated with a lower risk of both coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease. The intake of a healthy and balanced diet will provide your body with adequate vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that it needs.

Improve digestion

Bananas contain fiber. As we know, fiber is an important nutrient that our bodies need, because it can help improve digestion. Not only improving digestion, but this typically yellow fruit is good to help constipation and can make you feel full longer.

Improve the health of the digestive system

Bananas are relatively easy to digest. They are considered non-irritating to the digestive system. In fact, not only can bananas reduce digestive problems, but they can also strengthen the digestive tract and help restore minerals lost that you may experience after diarrhea. With all of these health benefits, no wonder if bananas are one of the first solid foods introduced to babies.

Create healthy body cells

Bananas can give you a sufficient amount of vitamin B6, which is claimed to be effective to stimulate the production of nonessential amino acids, insulin, and hemoglobin. All of these substances are important to create the body healthy cells. Bananas also promote the production of certain antibodies that can fight infection.

Prevent anemia

Bananas are high in iron, which can stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood and help fight anemia. Anemia is a decrease of red blood cells or hemoglobin. This condition will cause fatigue, pallor, and shortness of breath.

Neutralize free radicals

The next health benefit of banana is to neutralize free radicals. This soft-textured fruit is rich in vitamin C. Surprisingly, bananas, which are claimed to be the most appealing fruit, provide even more than the average daily requirement for vitamin C.

Suppress hunger

The aroma of bananas turns out to control the people’s appetite and hunger that comes suddenly. It is reported that the aroma of banana can trick your brain not to feel starving, and make you think that you have actually eaten. That is the why bananas are said to be effective to help you who want to reduce weight.

Lift your mood and keep you happy

This is probably the most unique health benefit of banana that you never think of. There are more than twenty milligrams of magnesium that you can find in a medium-sized banana. Theoretically, magnesium is a nutrient that can help improve your mood, meaning that it can help you feel happier. Besides, this mineral can also help you to sleep well. This is the reason why you will feel depressed and anxious if there is not enough magnesium in your body.