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The Lists of 7 Best Apps Stock to Download for Trading

Lately, investment has become one of the new lifestyles for society. People are starting to realize the importance of investing, for example, by trading stocks. What makes it even more interesting is the presence of various apps stock to trade. It probably makes the stock trading process easier for you to do.

With the growing popularity of stock trading, there are more mobile applications that you can use to trade. So, for now, you can trade on your cell phone without spending much time in front of your computer screen. Then, what are the best stock apps that you can download easily? Here are the lists!

1. Investing.com

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The first stock app on the list is probably Investing.com. It is one of the most famous mobile apps for trading stocks, with more than 10 million people downloading it. Here, you can see real-time price quotes and see forecast trends. So you can easily know the best you can do.

Aside from doing stock trading, you also can see global breaking news about finance on investing.com. You can easily download it from Google Play Store here.

2. OctaFX Trading App

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Then, there is also OctaFX Trading App which is also as popular as Investing.com. In Google Play Store alone, more than 10 million people have already downloaded the application. It is because you can trade stocks easily by using OctaFX Trading App.

You can deposit, trade, and quickly withdraw in this stock broker application. You can also download the application easily from Google Play Store here.

3. IQ Option

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The next one on the list is probably IQ Option App. It has already been downloaded by 100 million users in Google Play Store. Here, you can trade stocks, currencies, and also ETFs commodities. It is one of the best investing apps where you can do many things at once in one place.

In IQ Option, there are wide choices of assets and also a wide range of payment methods. There are free demo accounts, and you can use the app in 13 languages. Also, you can easily download the app from Google Play Store here.

4. eToro

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To join the most popular social investing network, you probably need to choose eToro App. Many say this is one of the best stock brokers for Android users. Aside from trading stocks and cryptocurrency, you can access professional-grade market tools too.

Then, you can also build your portfolio in eToro easily. The best thing is you can connect to a network where people share their thoughts regarding investment. Also, you can easily download the app from Google Play Store here.

5. TradingView

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The next investing app that you can easily use is probably TradingView. Here, you can trade stocks and also cryptocurrency. Aside from that, you can also do a technical analysis regarding the stock market. It is because there is a lot of financial news that you can find in the mobile app.

So, it is no wonder that more than 10 million people have already downloaded this app. You can also download it here.

6. Webull


Then, there is also Webull mobile app that you can use as a trading platform for stocks. Aside from the varieties of stocks, you can also trade ETF commodities. Many people love the app because you can also research and learn about the stock market here.

Also, you can easily download Webull in Google Play Store here.

7. FBS

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The next one is FBS, one of the applications for trading stocks you can find in Google Play Store. You can trade stocks, gold, oil, and various ETF commodities in the FBS mobile app. All the things that you should do are download the application and make an account to trade here.

So those are the best apps stock to trade that you can easily download and use.