The app store must be connected to today’s Android-based phones. With this App store, you can download millions of Apps with exciting features that can make your work easier or even be entertaining for you. There are many apps store for Android besides Google Play Store that you can access. What are these apps?

1. Amazon Appstore

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This is an app store for android from amazon which you can install on all your android devices. There are many apps, even those not in the Google Play Store. You can download this app directly via the link here.

2. Aptoide


Logos Download

Even though it’s an old App Store, Aptoide still has many apps in high demand. The difference with the Google Play Store, Aptoide does not have very strict regulations. So some apps are not on the Google Play Store you can download here.

3. F-Droid

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This app store is quite old too. F-Droid is an app store for android phones that contains more productivity apps. This store is perfect for those who need an extra catalog of apps you can’t find on the Google Play Store.

However, you probably won’t find many games in this store. To be able to download it here.

4. AndroidPIT

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This store is an app store for android free download that has existed since 2015. There are many apps that you can download here. In fact, you can already download it via the Google Play Store. To be able to download it, just click here.

5. QooApp

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This app store is different from other stores. QooApp focuses more on presenting a variety of games from Asia. Almost all game developers on QooApp come from Asia. You will find only a few games with English subtitles.

This is suitable for those of you who like games with Asian languages. You can download this store directly at this link.

6. Samsung Galaxy Store

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Samsung Galaxy Store

Are you a Samsung user? This is a play store download for Galaxy Y and all kinds of Samsung worldwide. As the name implies, the Samsung Galaxy Store is only available on phones with the Samsung brand. You will not find this Store on phones with other brands.

What’s so special about this app store? This app has a very clean UI, like the typical Samsung UI. Using this App is very easy, with easy-to-understand navigation. There are also many popular Apps and games that you can download here.

Generally, this Store is automatically installed on your Samsung Phone. However, you can also download it at this link.

7. APKMirror

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Google Play Store

APKMirror is not an app store but an app repository. Even so, There are many apps that you can download here. Some apps are unavailable on the Google Play Store, which you can download for free.

Even though it sounds unofficial and unsafe, like most APK apps, you can still get updates from the Google Play Store when the latest version is out. This is suitable for those of you looking for an App that no longer exists on the Google Play Store.

You might also be looking for an old version of your favorite App, it’s also available in this app store. If you are interested, you can directly visit the APKmirror Page.


Those are some apps store for android that you can access for free on your mobile phone. This is suitable for those who need an App to support your work, but it’s not available on the Google Play Store. All of these app stores have their advantages and disadvantages. It all returns to you, which is your best choice.