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7 Apps to Download from YouTube, Easy to Install!

YouTube videos have become a necessity in daily life. Hence why you even have to save those videos in your gallery. This way, you could watch it multiple times without connecting online. So, it is not surprising that many people are wondering about apps to download from YouTube.

Furthermore, you may be curious about which app is best to download videos from YouTube. Moreover, YouTube Go was not available anymore. You could not save it to your gallery directly. Aside from that, you will find a YouTube downloader app in the Play Store because of Google policy.

So, here are the lists of mobile apps you can install so you can watch them repeatedly more easily and ways to install them!

1. TubeMate


TubeMate is a well-known mobile app that has a function to save videos on your phone so that you can watch them multiple times. It is available in more than one video format. Also, a feature allows you to save it in audio-only format. 

Sadly, according to its policy, the app is banned from the Play Store. Instead, you could install TubeMate here.

2. VidMate

Vid Mate App

Then, many people are curious about which is the best YouTube downloader for Android. For the answer, you probably have to check VidMate. Because in this mobile app, you can save it to your gallery in various qualities, including 4K. 

Though you could not install VidMate through the Play Store, you still could install it here.

3. Dentex

Jalan Tikus

If you need a simpler and easier interface for a better experience, then you could install Dentex YouTube downloader software for free. In addition, the size of the apps is small and light so that it would save a lot of space on your cell phone. But there is no Dentex on the Play Store.

It is so worry-free because you can have the video in your gallery through Dentex freely here.

4. ArkTube

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Do you want to watch some videos repeatedly in your phone gallery? Then you probably need to install ArkTube first. It serves you the complete features. No wonder its popularity continues to increase. 

To enjoy all the features in ArkTube, you just need to install the mobile app here.

5. SnapTube


For those of you who want to know how to download from YouTube, you probably need another mobile application. For example, SnapTube. Moreover, if you want a simpler life when you need to save videos from another platform sans YouTube.

Unfortunately, because of Google policy, you can no longer install SnapTube from the Play Store. Instead, you could install it here.

6. NewPipe


NewPipe is a downloader app for YouTube videos that do not give you annoying ads that spam the app. However, the speed is slower than any other app so you may need patience. The features in NewPipe are good and cover its flaws, though.

Sadly, because of the policy from Google, there is no NewPipe in the Play Store. Therefore, you could install it here.

7. AyaTube


Last but not least, there is AyaTube that you can use, so you can watch videos repeatedly without needing to go online. It is very easy to navigate, even though this is your first time using this mobile app. 

In addition, the size of the mobile app is small and light, so it is worry-free regarding your phone’s memory. 

Aside from that, you could also install AyaTube easily. Even though there is no AyaTube in the Play Store because of Google policy, you can still install the app here.

So, those are the apps to download from YouTube that you can easily install and use. You can choose which one suits your taste the best.