Want to make extra money online through some apps to make money? Don’t miss out! Here are the top money earning apps online that you can use to make extra money.

1. Rakuten Insight Surveys

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Which legit apps to make money? The correct answer is Rakuten Insight Surveys. Rakuten Insight Surveys users only need to participate in a survey to earn points. Later, you can exchange the collected points for money, Sodexo ePass vouchers, Tokopedia, Grab, MAP, and Lazada. 500 Points from Rakuten Insight Surveys worth $2.

You can visit the Play Store or click here to download the Rakuten Insight Surveys app.

2. Money App

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Another app that you can rely on to make money is Money App. Money App is a money-making app that gives simple tasks to its users. You only need to watch videos, complete surveys, and leave comments to earn money.

This application also offers convenience in the payment system. Here you will be paid in cash through your PayPal account.

You can visit the Play Store or click here to download this application.

3. CashPop

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Another best money making app you can use is CashPop. The Cashpop app has Screen time to Earn and Engage to Earn features, which help you make money through your screen time.

To make money, you must complete the missions or tasks CashPop commands, like replying to comments, playing games, and watching videos. Through CashPop, you can generate cash, digital money, credit (airtime), electricity tokens, internet data, shopping vouchers, and game vouchers.

To download the CashPop application, you can visit the Play Store or click here.

4. Fiverr

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Another app you can use is a freelance platform, Fiverr. In this app, you can offer or sell services to make money. With this app, you can increase your exposure in a digital marketplace full of global entrepreneurs and businesses.

Fiverr payments via PayPal Account. You need to enter your PayPal address, and Fiverr will pay your fund to your PayPal account.

You can visit the Play Store or click here to download the Fiverr application.

5. Foap

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This app is right for you if you have a photography hobby. Foap is an application that will help you sell your original photos for money. This application will sell your photos online on the Foap Market, which will also be distributed to partners such as Getty Images.

For every photo sold through Foap, you will get 50% of the sales commission. For the payment system, just like other applications, Foap uses PayPal.

To download the Foap application, you can visit the Play Store or click here.

6. Cash Zine

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The next app to make money is Cash Zine. You only need to read news, articles, novels, or play games to make money from this application. Cash Zine will give 50 coins for each task the user performs. Users can exchange coins when they have met a sufficient amount.

Unlike other money-making applications that use PayPal, this application has an easier money withdrawal option. You can withdraw your earnings from Cash Zine via GoPay, DANA, or Free Fire Diamonds.

You can visit the Play Store or click here to download the Cash Zine application.

7. SwagBucks

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Another app that you can use is Swagbucks. Here you can earn points which you can later exchange for money. You need to participate in surveys and play games to get points. Once you reach 10,000 points, you can exchange those points for cash or gift cards.

You can visit the Play Store or click here to download the Swagbucks application.

Those are some of the best apps to make money choices that you can use to make money. Which apps to make money will you download and use?