During paid video on demand apps like Netflix and Disney Hotstar, it turns out that there are also apps to watch free movies. Here is a list of some free movie apps for android that you can download directly from the Play Store:

1. Plex: Stream Movies and TV

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Where can I watch free movies without paying? Want to spend time watching movies but don’t want to shell out for paid streaming apps like HBO or Netflix? Don’t worry! You can watch free movies on Plex: Stream Movies and TV.

Plex is an app that offers a wide variety of movies and tv shows that you can enjoy for free. This app provides hundreds of movies and tv shows from Crackle, A24, AMC, Magnolia, Paramount, Relativity, and Lionsgate.

You can download this application directly through the Play Store or click here.

2. Viu

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What is the best free movie app 2022? If you are a fan of Asian movies and shows, then the best answer is Viu. Viu is a free streaming application that provides the latest Asian movies, dramas, and reality shows. In addition, this application also offers subtitles in various languages ​​that can meet your needs.

Besides the advantages of this application, Viu also has thousands of movies and TV shows you can enjoy from smartphones, laptops, desktops, and smart televisions. The show’s quality is guaranteed because it has standard and high-definition video quality.

You can download the Viu application directly through the Play Store or click here.

3. Viki

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Another choice of free movie-watching app is Viki. Viki offers a variety of exciting films and television shows from various countries in Asia, such as Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Thailand. 

Even though it’s free, the Viki application offers Multi-language subtitles in more than 150 languages ​​that can comfortably meet your needs to watch movies.

You can download the Viki application directly through the Play Store or click here.

4. Iflix: Watch Asian Dramas (WeTV)

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Another option is Iflix. Although not completely free, the Iflix application offers many free contents you can enjoy. There is a lot of exciting content from various countries in Asia, such as Indonesia, China, Korea, and Japan. You can enjoy movies, dramas, anime, and various shows in this app.

Download Iflix: Watch Asian Dramas directly through the Play Store or click here.

5. Megogo TV, Movies, Audiobooks

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What app is like Netflix but free? The answer is Megogo. This application allows you to watch movies, series, cartoons, and sports or listen to audiobooks and podcasts, free and paid. 

Moreover, you can find classic films and television series that are rarely found in other video-on-demand applications.

You can download the Megogo TV, Movies, and Audiobooks application directly through the Play Store or click here.

6. True ID: Movies and Series

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True ID

Another free movie-watching app is True ID: Film and Serial. This streaming app has various premium content you can enjoy for free without paying a subscription fee. Also, this app provides multiple genres of films and series, including horror, comedy, and anime.

You can download True ID: Movies and Serials directly through the Play Store or click here.

7. MAXstream

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Another option is the MAXstream application by Telkomsel. This app allows users to access local and international content. 

Here you can enjoy free channels or free shows with the Telkomsel network. You can enjoy free content from local TV channels and basic channels such as Eurosport, TLC, Animal Planet, Discovery Asia, and Discovery Channel.

You can download MAXstream directly through the Play Store or click here.

How can I watch full movies for free? Some of the apps to watch free movies above are the answer. So what are you waiting for? Go to the Play Store and download the application of your choice!