Want to improve your driving quality to make it more comfortable? If you want to make it happen, there are several apps with carplay that you must install on your iPhone. Here are some best carplay apps that will enhance your driving experience.

What apps are compatible with Apple carplay? There are several categories of apps that fit into apple carplay. The first category is audio entertainment applications that you can install on your phone to make your driving experience even more exciting. Here are some best carplay apps for the audio entertainment category:

1. Spotify

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Play Store

What music apps work with carplay? The first music app option is Spotify. This application is a must-have app if you like listening to songs or podcasts while driving. Spotify is a music streaming platform that provides entertainment not only in the form of songs but also podcasts.

This app provides playlists that match your mood and taste. Not only that, but this streaming app also offers many songs that you cannot find on other platforms.

You can visit the Play Store or click here to download this application.

2. Apple Music

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Besides Spotify, another application for listening to music is Apple Music. Like Spotify, Apple Music has many appealing songs that can accompany your driving time. With Apple Music, you can ask Siri (voice-controlled personal assistant) to play your favorite song from your favorite artists or genres.

You can visit the App Store or click here to download this application.

3. Audible

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Play Store

The following application is Audible. This application is worth considering if you enjoy listening to audiobooks more while driving. With this app, you can listen to various audiobooks from various genres of books, from business, fashion, and history to fiction.

You can visit the Play Store or click here to download this Audible application.

In addition to Audio entertainment Apps, Navigation Apps are essential to creating a comfortable driving experience. Here are some navigation application choices you must have on your mobile phone, especially if you like to travel in private vehicles.

4. Apple Maps

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The first navigation app is Apple Maps. Apple Maps is one of the best iPhone apps that you can connect to carplay. Apple Maps provides reliable navigation directions when you’re driving. With this application, you can take advantage of Siri’s assistance to provide navigation in the form of audio while driving.

You can visit the App Store or click here to download this application.

5. Google Maps

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Play Store

Besides Apple Maps, you can also use the Google Maps application as a trusted navigation application. Google Maps has an extensive database that can provide exact location details. 

More than that, this app also has a handy Street View feature that will help you recognize your destination location. In addition, Google Maps has an offline map feature that you can use when you are not online.

You can download Google Maps on the Play Store or click here.

6. Waze

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Another Navigation app option is Waze. Unlike other navigation apps, Waze is a community-based navigation app, so you’ll get information about accidents, hazards, police raids, or road closures from other drivers. Along with that, Waze is also beneficial in finding the cheapest gas station on your route.

You can visit the Play Store or click here to download the Waze application.

7. Tomtom AmiGo


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Another navigation app option is Tomtom AmiGo. This app provides real-time traffic alerts, which will be very useful for drivers. This application also includes navigation with straightforward and easy-to-understand guides.

You can visit the Play Store or click here to download this application.

So, those are carplay apps for iPhones or apps that work with carplay. Which apps with carplay will you download for driving comfort?