– In a turn of events that has left fans around the globe in a state of surprise, the renowned pop sensation, Ariana Grande, has decided to part ways with her spouse, Dalton Gomez. The couple, who have been married for a span of two years, are seemingly unable to bridge the gap that has surfaced in their relationship, leading to this unfortunate conclusion.

Ariana, who has graced the world with her powerful and melodious voice, took the step to formally end her marriage with Gomez, a well-established real estate agent in America. The news broke out when the 30-year-old singer filed for divorce in the bustling city of Los Angeles, pointing to ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the primary reason behind this decision. Dalton Gomez, aged 28, reciprocated with a similar move, indicating that the couple has mutually agreed to go their separate ways.

Their love story blossomed in the public eye, with their relationship becoming official through the release of Ariana’s hit song in collaboration with the Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, titled “Stuck With U”. Dalton Gomez not only featured in the music video but also took a step further by announcing their engagement in the same year, making their bond stronger and more public.

The intimate wedding ceremony that followed was nothing short of a fairy tale. Held at their residence in Montecito, California, in 2021, it was a close-knit affair with less than 20 attendees, marking the beginning of their marital journey. Ariana had shared glimpses of this beautiful day on her Instagram page, a post that has since been removed.

However, the waves of speculation about the stability of their relationship began to swirl around July, when Ariana was seen without her wedding ring at the Wimbledon finals. This fueled rumors and discussions among fans and the media alike, hinting at possible troubles in paradise.

Adding a twist to the tale, there are whispers about a new romance blossoming in Ariana’s life. The Grammy-award winning artist is reportedly fostering a close bond with Ethan Slater, her co-star in the upcoming adaptation of the musical “Wicked”, slated for a November 2024 release. This development comes after Slater himself parted ways with his spouse, Lilly Jay, earlier this year.

Ariana’s journey in love has been a roller-coaster ride, with her previous engagement to comedian Pete Davidson being a significant chapter in her life. Their whirlwind romance and subsequent engagement in 2018 had grabbed headlines, only to end later that year.

As we witness another chapter closing in Ariana’s life, fans and well-wishers around the world hope for happier times ahead for the talented artist. Only time will reveal what the future holds for Ariana Grande, as she navigates through these personal changes while continuing to mesmerize the world with her musical prowess.

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