Home Health Astonishing Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit You Probably Never Heard of
Astonishing Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit You Probably Never Heard of
Astonishing Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit You Probably Never Heard of

Dragon fruit, or called pitaya or pitahaya is an exotic fruit indigenous to South America but very famous in Asia, primarily in Malaysia and Vietnam because of its benefits. It has become one of the top exports in Vietnam due to its popularity. This fruit is named “dragon fruit” after it was translated from its Vietnamese name, which is thang loy. Well, with such a name, one must have expected something big after eating this uniquely-shaped fruit, right? Don’t worry, this fruit will not disappoint you. This exotic fruit with scale-like surface might be bland in flavor but sweet in what it contains. Below is a list of health benefit of dragon fruit.

Helps to develop robust bones and teeth

Dragon fruit contains a fairly moderate amount of calcium. Every 100 g of dragon fruit contains 8.5 g calcium, such high calcium inside a fruit. Calcium is well-known to strengthen our teeth and keep our bones dense. Also, you can also keep your gum healthy by eating dragon fruit, because it contains high vitamin C as well! Healthy gum makes healthy teeth, right?

Makes your heart better in health

Besides the fact that dragon fruit contains very low cholesterol, it is also rich in fiber and antioxidants. Fiber lowers the amount of cholesterol contained in your body, and antioxidants help to nullify free radicals in your body. Do these benefits matter in making a healthier heart? Well, because cholesterol clogs up bloodstream in your heart, making your heart work harder. On the other hand, free radicals bring defective effect to our organs, including the heart. By minimizing the amount of them, your organs, including your heart, become healthier.

Slows down aging effect

Another health benefit of dragon fruit is slowing down the aging effect. Vitamin C is known to help to maintain skin beauty. So, is dragon fruit rich in vitamin C? With 20.5 g of vitamin C contained in 100 g of dragon fruit, it is safe to say that yes, it is rich in vitamin C. Besides, we already mentioned that it is also rich in antioxidants, right? Antioxidants remove free radicals in your body, including in your skin as well. Both effects make your skin healthier and ages slower. In order to make your skin age slower, blend dragon fruit slices to make a juice or apply it to your skin.

Cures anemia

Anemia is caused by the low level of iron contained in your body, making it slower in producing blood. One of the health benefit of dragon fruit is preventing you from anemia by nourishing you with a high amount of iron contained in it. Iron helps your body to increase the amount of hemoglobin necessary for anemic people. Not to mention that iron boosts your body’s ability in producing blood.

Makes immune system stronger

Vitamin C assists in making the immune system in your body stronger. It removes free radicals contained in your body and strengthening antioxidants effects as well. On the other hand, dragon fruit has antimicrobial properties, preventing dangerous pathogens from infecting your body. Thus, the dragon fruit helps to reinforce your overall immune system.

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