– Belfast is set to become a hub of employment opportunities as the Belfast Jobs Fair opens its doors to job seekers. Those actively searching for new career avenues in Belfast have a golden chance to interact with 70 potential employers and supporting organizations, all gathered under one roof. The event promises to showcase more than 1,500 job openings.

Scheduled for Tuesday, October 10, from 11 am to 3 pm, the iconic St George’s Market in Belfast will be a hive of activity. Prospective employers from diverse sectors such as bakery, business services, education, energy, facilities management, security, social care, leisure, construction, transport, logistics, recruitment, retail, hospitality, technology, and many more will be present to engage with potential employees.

This event, which is free for all attendees, is a collaborative effort by the Belfast Labour Market Partnership, Belfast City Council, and Employability NI, backed by the Department for Communities. Councillor Clíodhna Nic Bhranair, Chair of Belfast City Council’s City Growth and Regeneration Committee, emphasized the significance of the event in the broader context of the Belfast Agenda. She highlighted the council’s commitment to aiding residents in their job search and helping them realize their potential. The Belfast Jobs Fair is a key component of the council’s employability and skills initiative, aptly named #TakeTheNextStep. This initiative is complemented by the recent introduction of the Gateway to Choices Service (G2C), a platform connecting individuals to job opportunities and training via a free application and a dedicated team of advisors.

The enthusiasm and participation from employers have been overwhelming, with 70 businesses and supporting organizations confirming their attendance. The event is expected to serve as a bridge, connecting Belfast’s residents with potential employers, ensuring fruitful collaborations.

For those interested in attending, there’s no requirement for prior booking. Everyone is welcome to explore the myriad of job opportunities on offer. For additional details or queries, individuals can reach out via email at [email protected].

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