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The Top 15 CRM Apps for Small Business You SHOULD Try!

CRM Apps for Small Business

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Merakyat.org – In the pre-Internet era, keeping track of contacts and customer data was not as formidable a task as it is today. As the global connectivity has intensified exponentially, managing voluminous contact lists and customer data has become a much more complex and intricate ordeal. It is precisely in such times that the customer relationship management (CRM) apps come into the picture.

Let us examine some of the most robust CRMs that have been specifically designed for small businesses. Owning a small business demands a lot of things, but most importantly, it requires one to remain cognizant of the customer retention strategies that can prove to be decisive for the success of a business. At the forefront of such retention strategies lie the marketing tactics and social media presence.

However, when it comes to customer relationship management, the realm is being inundated with a profusion of new CRM applications. Navigating through the labyrinth of CRM tools available and identifying the ones that are the best fit for your business can be an intricate and perplexing affair.

As a small business owner, what you need is a CRM that is both simple to use and comprehend, a tool that can be easily accessed, a tool that can make your life easier. In this regard, we present you with some of the finest and most straightforward CRM tools that can cater to the requirements of startups.

What is CRM?

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