Get Paid to Walk
Get Paid to Walk With These 10 Free Apps - Earn Up to $1,000!

Get Paid to WalkSummarize: There are a variety of apps that allow users to get paid for walking, exercising, or participating in other healthy activities. Some of these apps include SweatCoin, Charity Miles, Achievement, Lympo, Stepbet, Runtopia, Fitcoin, Winwalk, and Carrot Rewards. These apps typically track users’ physical activity and offer rewards in the form of cash, merchandise, gift cards, or charitable donations. Some of these apps may have requirements or limitations, such as minimum amounts that must be earned before redemption or expiration dates for rewards.

Do you want to make some easy money? 

How about getting paid for something you already do every day – walking! 

You can earn up to $1,000 just by staying active. 

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Get Paid to Walk With These 10 Free Apps – Earn Up to $1,000!

1. SweatCoin

Get Paid to Walk: SweatCoin

Sweatcoin is a popular app that rewards users for walking and exercising. 

The app, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, converts users’ steps into a form of cryptocurrency called sweatcoins. 

These sweatcoins can be earned both indoors and outdoors and can be redeemed for a variety of products, services, and experiences. 

The company also offers referral bonuses, allowing users to earn additional sweatcoins by referring friends to the app. 

Membership levels can be upgraded based on the amount of exercise a user does, with higher levels offering more opportunities to earn sweatcoins. 

Users can redeem their sweatcoins for cash through PayPal, though the company states that it will take about 18 months of consistent use to reach the minimum amount needed for redemption. 

Sweatcoin is available on both iOS and Android devices and is open to users 13 years and older worldwide.

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2. Charity Miles

Charity Miles
Get Paid to Walk: Charity Miles

Charity Miles is an app that allows users to donate to charitable causes by walking, running, or cycling. 

The app tracks users’ movement and allows them to support their favorite charities. Users can choose from a selection of 40 charities to support, including organizations that support children’s health, animal welfare, and veterans. 

Participants must log into the app before starting their activity; indoor exercise counts as well. 

Some of the charities supported through the app include Feeding America, the Wounded Warrior Project, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Special Olympics. 

Charity Miles is a great way for users to support charities and make a positive impact on the world without having to worry about their budget.

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3. Achievement

Get Paid to Walk: Achievement

Achievement is a fitness app that rewards users for tracking and participating in various healthy activities. 

The app can be connected with various fitness trackers and apps, allowing users to earn points for their activity. 

Points can be redeemed through PayPal or donated to a charity once users have reached a balance of 10,000 points, which is equivalent to $10. 

Users can also earn extra points through referrals and by participating in health studies. Points earned expire one year from the date of earning.

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4. Lympo

Get Paid to Walk: Lympo

Lympo is a fitness app that rewards users for staying active. 

The app allows users to earn LYM tokens, which can be used to purchase sports equipment from the Lympo marketplace or traded for gift cards. 

Users can complete various activities and challenges on the app, and their progress is tracked using other health-related apps such as Fitbit or Apple Health. 

Once a user has earned 10,000 points through completing challenges and referring friends, they can redeem them for $10 worth of merchandise in the Lympo marketplace.

Lympo is available on both iOS and Android devices and is a helpful tool for anyone looking to get fit.

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5. Stepbet

Get Paid to Walk: Stepbet

Stepbet is a gaming app that challenges users to bet on themselves to achieve their step goals and earn cash rewards. 

The app encourages users to stay active and participate in activities such as jogging, walking, and hiking. 

Games vary in length and are broken into increments, and users must achieve their goals at least 6 times a week to win a share of the prize pot and their initial bet. 

Stepbet is available on both iOS and Android and can be synced with various fitness trackers.

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6. Runtopia

Get Paid to Walk: Runtopia

Runtopia is a new fitness app that allows users to set goals for walking, running, cycling, and other activities. 

As users complete their workouts, an audio coach plays to match their pace and provide guidance. 

The app focuses on improving users’ fitness while offering rewards and bonuses. Users can earn sports coins as they complete daily tasks within the app, and these coins can be redeemed for memberships, products, PayPal cash, and coupons. 

It’s important to note that sports coins expire on March 1st , so users should be sure to redeem them before that date. 

Runtopia syncs with fitness trackers and allows users to redeem their sports coins for PayPal cash and other benefits. Users can earn $10 for 10,000 points.

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7. PK Rewards

PK Rewards
Get Paid to Walk: PK Rewards

PK rewards you for walking and other exercises, as well. 

Whenever you start doing a workout or walking, open the app and hit the start earning button. If you move, you’ll earn rewards. 

The app can be synced with your Apple watch for more accurate tracking of your miles. 

Once you’ve finished your activity, the app will calculate how long it took and how far you went—and offer you PK coins based on those results. 

There’s no daily limit to how much you can earn! Once you’ve saved up enough points, redeem them for rewards from popular brands like Amazon or Nike.

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8. Fitpotato

Get Paid to Walk: Fitpotato

Fitpotato is an app that encourages users to get off the couch and exercise. 

Users can compete in weekly competitions with other members, with winners earning cash rewards. 

To participate, users must engage in activities such as walking, running, or working out, and must complete at least three sessions with a goal of completing 6,000 steps in each session. 

If they succeed, they will earn rewards and be eligible for a cash prize of $1,000 each week—what’s not to love? The app is only available for iOS devices and can help motivate users looking to stay active while earning rewards.

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9. Winwalk

Get Paid to Walk: Winwalk

Winwalk is an Android app that tracks users’ steps and awards them points for each 100 steps they walk. 

The points can be redeemed for e-gift cards from retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart. 

Winwalk runs in the background so users can track their steps without having to actively use the app. In this way, Winwalk makes staying active easy and rewarding.

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10. Walgreens Balance Rewards

Walgreens Balance Rewards
Get Paid to Walk: Walgreens Balance Rewards

Walgreens offers Balance Rewards, a program that lets users earn cash back for completing health challenges, walking, and other physical activities. 

Users can join the program by creating an account on the Walgreens website. Members earn 20 points per mile walked, with a monthly ceiling of 1,000 points. 

Each point is worth $0.01 in cash rewards. Users who complete all four weeks of a health challenge are also eligible for a bonus spin of $2. 

Challenges last for four weeks and require participants to complete at least two activities each week to keep earning rewards. 

Members can manually or automatically track their progress, depending on the activity; both iOS and Android devices are supported, as is compatibility with fitness trackers like Google Fit and FitBit.

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At The End

Sweatcoin, Charity Miles, Achievement, Lympo, Stepbet, and Runtopia are all apps that reward users for participating in physical activity. 

Sweatcoin converts users’ steps into a form of cryptocurrency that can be redeemed for products and services. 

Charity Miles allows users to support charities by tracking their movement and donating to a selected charitable organization. 

Achievement rewards users for tracking and participating in healthy activities, which can be redeemed for cash or donated to charity. 

Lympo rewards users for staying active with LYM tokens, which can be used to purchase merchandise or traded for gift cards. 

Stepbet challenges users to bet on themselves to achieve step goals in order to win cash rewards. 

Runtopia provides an audio coach to guide users through workouts and rewards users with sports coins that can be redeemed for memberships, products, and coupons.

The great thing about these apps is you can focus on the money earning, or just use them for the exercise. Some people prefer the exercise option, so a healthy habit can be formed for the long term. You can not only meet new people, but you’ll have fun while making an income with your morning run or evening stroll.