Home Health Health Benefit of Guava You Don’t Know Yet
Health Benefit of Guava You Don’t Know Yet
Health Benefit of Guava You Don’t Know Yet

Health benefit of guava is various, some of them you may not know yet. This tropical fruit is tasty and rich in nutrition. Adding a guava in your daily meal is a good idea to keep your body healthy. So, what are the benefits of a guava for health?

Keeping the Health of the Heart

Consuming a guava as a whole or as a juice is able to keep the health of the heart. There are many researchers believe that the antioxidant and vitamins contained in a guava protect the heart from the free radical. Guava is also claimed as a cholesterol binder because it contains a high level of water-soluble fibers. This type of fiber can bind the bile acids so that it can decrease the absorption of fat and blood cholesterol. This is why consuming a guava can prevent any heart illness or relieve it.

A guava also contains potassium as many as a banana. The potassium can help the regulation of blood pressure in the body so that the blood pressure stays stable.

Losing Weights

Guava is rich in fibers. It makes the consumers feel full quickly and keep the hunger back for a long time. So, it is not surprising that this fruit is beneficial to lose some weights. Moreover, a guava has a low sugar. For you who want to lose weights, you can have a guava juice as your breakfast or your dinner.

Increasing the Immune System

The high level of Vitamin C contained in a guava makes this fruit can help to increase the immune system from the infection exposure. The Vitamin C contained in a guava is 4 times more than the Vitamin C in an orange. This is why this tropical fruit can heal or prevent some infections such as sprue, cough, and flu.

The Vitamin C from a guava will increase the activity of the immune system to inhibit the activity of the microbes. So that this fruit can prevent any infections or shorten the duration of infection.

As Antiseptic and Keeping the Digestive System

Guava contains the antibacterial substances which can fight against the bacteria that causes the acute infections such as Staphylococcus. Moreover, the fibers contained in this tropical fruit are also helpful in thoroughly cleaning the intestines. Because of this fiber content, a guava is really beneficial in preventing constipation. If you are experiencing any digestive problems, you can consume a guava.

Anti Cancers

The high level of flavonoids and Vitamin C in a guava make this fruit is rich in the antioxidants. The strong antioxidant substances can inhibit the production of nitrosamines, the substance that triggers cancers. The Vitamin C also helps the selenium inside the body to block cancer cells, especially lung cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer. If you have a family member who is suffered from cancer, you are at a high risk of getting the same illness. Consume a guava every day will help you in reducing your risk of getting cancer. This is the last health benefit of guava.

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