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7 Health Benefit of Honey Consumption

The Health Benefit of Honey Consumption – Honey is one of the alternatives to sweetener produced by the bees. The texture is similar to the syrup in the form of dense liquid in golden. Interestingly, different from the syrup that is not recommended to be consumed too much, honey tends to have more benefits for the health. What are they? Here are some of them.

Balance the Cholesterol Level

There are 2 types of cholesterol in our body; they are HDL and LDL. HDL is known as the good cholesterol without giving too much side effect to your body. Meanwhile, LDL is considered the bad one for some risks given particularly for the heart when it is excessive.

By consuming honey, the total of LDL simply reduces. Automatically, the HDL is then increased. A study proves the benefit of honey by taking 55 patients as the sample. In general, their LDL levels are decreased by around 5.8% with HDL increasing by around 3.3% after consuming honey.

Reduce the Triglyceride Level

Triglyceride is basically needed by the body as the source of energy. But when it is too much, it accumulates the fat and becomes the factors of some diseases including heart attack and diabetes. By consuming honey regularly, it is beneficial to reduce the triglyceride level approximately 11-19 % in our body.

Cough Medication

Rather than consuming a kind of drug medicine bought in the drugstore, it seems better to try this one at first. When you think your respiratory system is really itchy and not comfortable because of a cough, just consume around a teaspoon of honey. You can just find it relieving.

Besides, you can also dissolve honey in a glass of warm water. Just drink it as it is a sort of beverage 2 times a day. For other symptoms like influenza, it works as well.

Cancer Prevention

Honey contains a very high level of antioxidant. Therefore, it is really beneficial as the preventions of dangerous diseases including cancer. Moreover, the antioxidant also plays some other important roles to reduce the risks of heart and stroke. It is because the antioxidant helps the bloodstream to flow more smoothly. Sure, it means that honey is an effective anti-aging from the inside.

Diabetes Prevention

Honey is really sweet for sure. But the sweetness of honey is different from what in sugar. It is due to the fact that honey is rich in fructose. The combination of fructose and glucose helps the body to manage the sugar blood level. So, it is better to replace the sugar with honey for foods and beverages.

Allergy Medication

Aside from relieving the cough, honey is also used to cure the allergies. Despite it is because of the high antioxidant levels, the residue of flower powder and allergen in it are functioned to fight against the allergy from the inside.

Improve the Metabolism System

Even if your body is healthy enough, it is recommended to consume honey daily. It is due to the nutrition contained. By consuming it regularly, the metabolism system will be increased.