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7 Health Benefit of Olives Definitely Life-Changing

What is the health benefit of olives? Olive trees are known also as Olea europaea. Meanwhile, the term olive is more known as the fruit produced by them. Commonly, you may consume this fruit as a part of a salad or the topping of pizza. After the fruits are processed into oil, you can use it as the spice to improve the quality of your meals.

But more than what have been mentioned above; do you know that olives also have so many benefits for your health? Of course, they have. Here they are.

Preventing Cancer

Olives contain a high level of antioxidant and carotenoid, known also as the luthein. Luthein helps the body to destroy and remove free radicals that cause degenerative diseases like cancer. Based on the research done using some people with high risks of cancer, it is proven that olives are effective to prevent cancer to appear.

Improving the Digestive System

Olives are good for your digestive system due to some reasons. The fruit has an ability to take out the toxin and gas that cause some problems. Some digestive problems to be prevented by olives are including ulcer and diarrhea.

Fighting Against the Infection

The antioxidant contained in olives is quite various. They are including oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, quercetin, and still many more. This content is able to reduce the oxidative damage in the body as well as help it to fight against the infection caused by the bacteria.

Improving the Heart’s Performance

Olives have oleate acid that improves the heart’s performance by managing the cholesterol levels. Meanwhile, it protects the LDL cholesterol from oxidation as well as balance the blood pressure. Both high cholesterol and high blood pressure problems are the risk factors for heart problems.

Aside from that, the content of hydroxytyrosol in the olives can also protect the heart. This type of antioxidant has a role as the anticoagulant to lessen the possibilities of blood coagulation in the vessels. Therefore, there is nothing to obstruct the stream.

Repairing the Bone Damages

Osteoporosis is signed by the reduction of bone’s mass and quality. Sure, it increases the risk of the fracture. The number of osteoporosis patients tends to be lowered in the Mediterranean area for their habits of more olives consumption.

Based on the fact, many researchers do the research and conclude that the olives are able to protect the bones. Some compounds found in olives are proven to maintain and repair the bones from osteoporosis and other damages.

Lessening the Risks of Diabetes

The nutrition contained in this fruit balance the sugar blood levels. In other words, it is helpful to lessen the risks of diabetes. For the patients themselves, it is recommended to include olives or olives oil in their daily consumption so that the worse conditions of complications can also be prevented.

Improving the Vision

Due to the antioxidant contained, it is good also to improve your vision as well as maintain it from any damages and disorders. If you want your eyes always in a good and healthy condition, be sure to consume olives even since you are still young.