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Health Benefits of Cucumber for Your Body
Health Benefits of Cucumber for Your Body

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a widely known edible plant. A species of creeping plant, it is cultivated all over the world for its watery fruit. Cucumber is popularly consumed by everyone due to its plentiful benefits provided for our body, besides the fact that it is easy to be treated as a food. Also, it is popular to be consumed in the form of salad. Cucumber has many significant benefits that we may rarely know of. Formerly thought to have a low nutritional value, turns out it has plenty of benefits. Now, let’s take a look at some of the health benefit of cucumber.

Keeps your body hydrated

Cucumber is obviously high in water, precisely, 95 percent of it. Water is essential for your body. Too few water consumption might be fatal for your life. Dehydration causes several ill effects, such as headaches, lowered quality of urines, and short-term memory loss. Keeping your body hydrated is important for you. If you have no time or have difficulties to purchase bottled water, eat a cucumber instead! Cucumber fulfills 26 percent of your daily water intake through food, so it is highly beneficial. Besides, it is also known that the water contained in the cucumber has a good quality because it is naturally purified!

Keeps halitosis away from your mouth

The most common cause of halitosis, or bad breath, is the excessive amount of bacteria in your mouth. Another health benefit of cucumber is putting bad breath away. Cucumber, as mentioned above, is rich in water. Fiber is also contained inside cucumber in huge amount. Both water and fiber help your body in producing a greater amount of saliva, which in turn, is useful to wash away those mischievous bacteria out of your mouth. Your mouth will smell better after you consume cucumber. Say goodbye, halitosis!

Helps to avoid constipation

Constipating is the least experience you would want while in the toilet. Basically, it makes your stool having a much more difficult time to pass. Constipation is caused by several factors, one of them is the lack of water and fiber consumption. Fiber is indeed indigestible, but it makes your digestion system have an easier time, and water makes your stool travel easier. Fortunately, cucumber is rich in both water and fiber. Water is contained in its body, while fiber is abundant in its skin.

Assists in easier weight loss

The last health benefit of cucumber in this article is to help you to lose weight. Cucumber is popular as an ingredient for diet food. You know that overconsumption of calories increases the weight gained in your body, right? Fortunately, cucumber contains a very little amount of calories. As a whole, cucumber only contains 16 calories. Such small numbers! Cucumber is also rich in water, as mentioned earlier. Water helps in better weight loss. Although cucumber is indeed effective to make you lose weight, it is ill-advised to use cucumber as the main consumption of yours. You might lose weight indeed, but the most weight you lost is from your muscle, not your fat. It should be your complementary source of food.

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