– In a candid revelation, Hong Kong-based Malaysian singer, Gin Lee, opened up about her struggles with mental health following the conclusion of her music contract. Previously associated with Universal Music, the 36-year-old artist described a challenging period in her life where she felt trapped within the confines of her home due to overwhelming depression.

Lee recounted, “At that juncture, I was consumed by an unexplainable fear and anxiety. With no label backing me, I found myself without work and consequently, without any source of income.” The weight of her circumstances took a toll on her daily life. She elaborated, “I refrained from stepping outside, primarily to avoid any expenses. My meals comprised whatever I could scrounge up from my pantry.”

In a touching gesture of support, Lee shared how her friends would occasionally drop by under the guise of a casual visit. However, their true intention was to ensure she had enough to eat. “Sometimes, my friend would pretend to come visit me, but their true intent was to bring me food,” she expressed with gratitude.

When probed about seeking professional assistance for her mental health challenges, Lee admitted she hadn’t. “Financial constraints aside, I lacked the courage to even leave my residence. Physically, I felt sapped of energy. I wasn’t diagnosed, so I can’t pinpoint the exact nature of the emotional turmoil I was experiencing,” she explained.

However, the narrative takes a hopeful turn for the Johor-born singer. Earlier this year, she inked a deal with Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) and has since launched several singles, including “Dum Dum” and “Trivial Matters Of Us.” Reflecting on her journey and the unwavering support from her new label, Lee remarked, “Everyone at my company holds great expectations for me. Their dedication in orchestrating everything for my career has been commendable. I’m giving it my all, hoping to deliver results as a token of my appreciation. This year, I’ve been relentlessly working without a break.”

Gin Lee’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges artists face behind the glitz and glamour, emphasizing the importance of mental health awareness and support within the entertainment industry.

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