– Huawei has recently made waves in the tech world with the unveiling of their GT 4 smartwatch. The grand reveal took place in a breathtaking three-century-old gothic building in Barcelona. The event was graced by the presence of Sir Mo Farah, a globally renowned long-distance track athlete, and the captivating Pamela Reif, an influencer celebrated for her workout videos.

The GT 4 smartwatch was showcased in a whopping seven different variations. The model that caught our eye was the 46 mm Rainforest Green, adorned with a braided composite strap and encased in Stainless Steel. The Watch GT series has always been a standout in Huawei’s lineup, striking the perfect balance between design, affordability, and battery longevity.

This latest addition boasts a 1.43” circular screen, reminiscent of the Watch 3 and Watch GT 3 series. However, it stands out with its Always-On Display (AOD) that features a unique design tailored to the watch face, ensuring optimal battery conservation. Huawei claims that the Watch GT 4 offers enhanced accuracy in tracking sleep, heart rate, and menstrual cycles. With the introduction of the new TruSeen 5.5+ and TruSleep 3.0 features, it will be intriguing to verify the touted 99% accuracy.

Another noteworthy feature of this HarmonyOS 4.0-powered device is the Calorie Monitor. While these features sound promising on paper, real-world testing will determine their efficacy. The battery life is another highlight, with claims of lasting up to 14 days on regular usage and a solid week even for the most avid users.

In terms of pricing, the range starts from €250 and goes up to €350. The Rainforest Green variant, which we mentioned earlier, is priced at a competitive €270. While the initial impressions are promising, a comprehensive review will provide a definitive verdict. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting release!

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