Health Benefits of Potato

Surely we should know the health benefits of potato that we consume almost daily. This food being cheap and available anytime and anywhere in the world is rich in nutrients.

The facts about potatoes

Potatoes containing minerals, phytochemicals, vitamins, and fibers are good to prevent different kinds of diseases. It was the people in the Andes Mountains who considered potatoes as foods more than ten years ago. Potatoes are also the staple foods of people in some countries.

The advantages of potatoes for our health

  • We can strengthen and maintain our bone structure by eating potatoes regularly with the best portion advised by nutritionists. The iron, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium in potatoes are there to help. Zinc and iron are good to improve collagen, and calcium together with phosphorus is to improve our bone structure.
  • Having enough consumption of potatoes we will have a good heart health. The potatoes that are rich in fibers will lessen the cholesterol level in our blood. Thereby, we will prevent heart diseases. The risk of colorectal cancer can be lessened by potato fibers.
  • Potatoes that we eat help improve memory, muscle movement, and mood. It is the nutrient in potatoes called choline that help us with those improvements. Choline is also able to absorb fats, transmit nerve impulses, keep the cellular-membranes’ structure proper, and develop the early brain.
  • The folate in potatoes is wonderful to help us prevent cancers. It repairs and synthesizes the DNA. Thereby, it can stop any cancer cells from developing and mutating in the DNA.
  • By consuming potatoes regularly, we will have enough quercetin and Vitamin C functioning as the antioxidants, which are great to protect body cells from the free radical causing damages.
  • Potatoes contain calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which are all to help decrease the risks of blood pressure.
  • Potatoes help us maintain an ideal body weight since they are gluten-free. However, we should consume boiled potatoes without any ingredients. Potatoes with other ingredients will create gluten. People with the gluten allergy should be aware of this.

Ideas to have potatoes in your meals

  • Try Potassium Smoothie. All you have to do is prepare 4 purple potatoes, a frozen small banana, a spoonful of honey, a spoonful of pomegranate juice, two spoonfuls of vanilla whey protein powder, and a handful of ice cubes. Bake the potatoes in microwave until they become soft enough to smash. Next, mix all the ingredients with a blender. You also can add fruit like berries to make it more delicious to have.
  • Consider Potato with Turmeric. Just prepare potatoes with any color you like and then steam them with skin in salted water until they become tender. Put the potatoes on a saucepan. Add olive oil, turmeric, peppers, salt, and lemon on the potatoes. Mix them well. After that add chopped chives on them.
  • Consider Roast Potato with Yogurt. Just cut some potatoes into smaller wedges and roast in the oven until they become golden in color. Meanwhile, prepare the plain yogurt with a pinch of salt, some drops of lemon, and a teaspoonful of dried rosemary. After that, mix all the ingredients well. Finally, you can dip the potatoes into the yoghurt.

You can see that potatoes are so wonderful to have in our life. Make sure you consume them with the best portion for you. The way you cook the potatoes also matters. It is wise if you always consult any foods you will consume including potatoes with your nutritionist. You do get inspired to eat potatoes by the article about the health benefits of potato, right?