– In a historic moment for the Philippine culinary scene, two of the nation’s restaurants have not only climbed the ranks in the prestigious 50 Top Pizza list for the Asia-Pacific region but have also secured spots among the best pizzerias globally. This marks a monumental first for the Philippines, showcasing the rich and diverse culinary talents the country harbors.

In the heart of Manila, Crosta Pizzeria and A mano have become household names, renowned for their exquisite pizzas that have captivated both local and international palates. This year, their efforts and culinary prowess have been recognized on a grand stage, making waves in the global pizza arena.

Crosta Pizzeria, a beacon of innovation and culinary excellence, has skyrocketed to the 10th position in the Asia-Pacific region, up from its previous 32nd spot, and has also secured the 54th position globally. Not too far behind, A mano has made significant strides, ascending from the 48th position to a remarkable 15th place in the regional list, and earning the 96th spot in the global rankings.

But the accolades didn’t stop there. In a crowning achievement, Chef Yuicho Abellare Ito of Crosta Pizzeria bagged the coveted Latteria Sorrentina Award for Pizza of the Year 2023. This prestigious award was bestowed upon him for his culinary masterpiece, the Cherry Culatello Pie. This gastronomic delight features a harmonious blend of black Tasmanian cherries marinated in marsala, coupled with a rich gorgonzola cream, mozzarella, and a hint of balsamic vinegar, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate.

This year’s 50 Top Pizza list also witnessed the dominance of Italian pizzerias, with restaurants such as Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria and I Masanielli sharing the top spot, and five other Italy-based establishments rounding up the top ten. Meanwhile, the highest-ranked restaurants in Asia were Japan’s The Pizza Bar on 38th at the fourth position, followed by China’s Bottega at the eighth spot.

As the Philippine culinary scene continues to evolve and flourish, it is clear that the nation is carving out a significant place in the global gastronomic landscape. With talents like Chef Yuicho Abellare Ito leading the charge, the future of Philippine cuisine seems brighter than ever, promising a rich tapestry of flavors, innovation, and culinary excellence that is sure to captivate food enthusiasts around the world.

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