– In a world where social media has become the canvas for airing personal grievances, the latest to join the fray is Fauziah Sarman, the ex-wife of the famed 1980s singer ND Lala. In a heartfelt and candid Instagram post, Fauziah opened up about the trials and tribulations of their marriage, painting a picture of ND Lala that the public might not be familiar with.

Fauziah, who has always maintained a dignified silence, chose to speak up this time, sharing her side of the story with a touch of grace and maturity. She alleged that ND Lala, also known as Amir Amzah Salleh, hasn’t been financially contributing to the family for several years, instead relying heavily on their talented daughter, pop sensation Shila Amzah.

In her post, Fauziah questioned ND Lala’s lifestyle, which seemingly involved leisurely days filled with golf and enjoyment with his new wife, Siti Munirah Abdul Ghani. She couldn’t hold back her disappointment, as she pointed out that the comfortable life they are leading is courtesy of their daughter’s hard work and dedication.

The post comes in the wake of ND Lala’s announcement of his marriage to Siti Munirah, a union that apparently has been in existence for eight years, contrary to the official statement which mentioned a December 2022 wedding date. Despite ND Lala’s insistence on not labeling Siti Munirah as a homewrecker, Fauziah stood her ground, refusing to retract her statement.

However, amidst the storm, Fauziah exhibited a remarkable sense of resilience and grace. She mentioned that the divorce came as a relief and that she has moved forward, harboring no ill feelings towards ND Lala. She wishes him happiness, showcasing her magnanimity even in the face of adversity.

The couple, who tied the knot in 1989, have four children together. Their marriage journey came to an end on August 2, when ND Lala pronounced the divorce at Masjid Ar Rahman in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, thus closing the chapter on their 34-year marriage.

As the news unfolds, fans and well-wishers hope that the family finds peace and harmony amidst the public scrutiny. The spotlight now shifts to Shila Amzah, a shining star who has not only conquered the music world but also seems to be the pillar of strength in her family, embodying grace and resilience, much like her mother.

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