Home Health The Health Benefit of Mushrooms—the Fungi considered as Nutritious Vegetable
The Health Benefit of Mushrooms—the Fungi considered as Nutritious Vegetable
The Health Benefit of Mushrooms—the Fungi considered as Nutritious Vegetable

Merakyat.org – It is beneficial to know the health benefit of mushrooms—the food that considered vegetables. We love to eat mushrooms, which are from the fungi family and give us nutrients.

All about mushrooms we need to know

It is said that colorful fruits and vegetables give us minerals and vitamins. The colorless foods give little nutrients, unlike colorless edible mushrooms which are rich in protein and fiber. Edible mushrooms with pale colors are antioxidant and full of Vitamin B, potassium, selenium, copper, and Vitamin D when they are exposed to the sunlight. People around the world have consumed and used mushrooms for medicines. It is believed that the Pharaohs of Egypt in ancient time loved to eat the food with mushroom flavor so much that he forbade his people to even touch mushrooms. Ancient people in Egypt called them the plant of immortality. Fifty percent of edible mushrooms are functional foods—giving a positive effect on our health. Many of them are good to treat and prevent serious health problems.  

Health benefits of mushrooms

  • If you consume mushrooms that are antioxidant, you will prevent cancers. Free radicals leading to cancers will be killed by mushrooms. The Vitamin D of Mushrooms exposed to the sunlight can prevent cancer from growing. The compounds to cause cancers in the body are detoxified by selenium of mushrooms. Selenium is also able to prevent a tumor from growing and inflammation.  
  • Mushrooms’ Vitamin C, potassium, and fiber are good to improve the health of your heart. The blood pressure that people may suffer from is prevented by the Sodium and potassium in mushrooms. High blood cholesterol level can also be lessened by shitake mushrooms which are rich in beta-glucan.
  • The mushrooms that are rich with fibers help control the weight of your body. The beta glucan and chitin inside the mushrooms will make you feel full for a longer time.
  • People having Diabetes Type 1 will have lower blood glucose after consuming mushrooms that are high in fibers. People with Diabetes type 2 will have a normal level of blood sugar, insulin, and lipids.
  • Consuming mushrooms will give you a good immune system. The beta glucan in mushrooms will fight cancer cells and stop tumors from growing. The selenium inside will prevent you from having an infection.However, you still have to consult your nutritionist for the best mushroom and how much you should consume since the beta-glucan in mushrooms can lead to multiple sclerosis, asthma, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Mushrooms are said to be good for our planet. A popular mycologist once said that mushroom can help us solve our hardest problems. Mushrooms are able to absorb pollution, combat insects and kill flu viruses and smallpox. They also can help us clean the oil spills around the world, make a healthy environment for forests and farms, and also can become our future fuel source, which is sustainable. Judging from what we share here, absolutely we have to consume edible mushrooms regularly. The article about the health benefit of mushrooms does campaign having a healthy lifestyle with mushrooms, right?

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