Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

There are not many people who know the kola plant. In fact, kola fruit is used as the main ingredient for flavoring carbonated drinks that we often consume. In this article, you will find more information about what bitter kola fruit is, the health benefits of bitter kola, and the side effect of over-consuming it.

What is bitter kola?

Bitter kola is still classified the same genus with cocoa. This plant comes from West Africa but is now widespread throughout the tropical countries, including Indonesia. Not only used as a beverage flavoring, it turns out that kola seeds – that have a unique, bitter taste – can give you many health benefits.

The oval-shaped fruit has a very thick, green-colored skin that is slightly pale. The plant can grow up to 13-20 meters tall. It is only able to grow optimally in the highlands with a tropical climate. Its flowers are very similar to jasmine, except that they are a little bit bigger, and their pistils are yellow-colored with dark purple stamens curved like stars.

Health benefit of bitter kola

1. Increase body metabolism

It is reported that the liquid extracts from kola fruit seeds could trigger heart rate. This condition will result in the increase of the body’s metabolism. However, the excessive use of doses can trigger a heart attack. How fast your body’s metabolism works will strongly affect your health.

Stress, for example, can slow down your metabolic rate by releasing cortisol hormone. As a result, your appetite increases. If this happens continuously, then you can experience weight gain. This weight gain can ultimately cause your body’s metabolism to decrease. It means that the risk of many metabolic disorders, such as obesity and diabetes, will also increase.

2. Reducing weight

It is found that kola seeds were able to help you lose weight regularly. However, over-consuming it can trigger dehydration. The seed extract helps prolong the metabolism anabolic duration. Food intake will be collected by the body and then formed into a new substance that the body can use to carry out its function. This process will consume energy from fat, so that weight can go down.

3. Overcoming prostate cancer

Kola seed extract is also able to overcome prostate cancer. In addition, nonsteroidal compounds that are found in cola seeds called phytoestrogens, are known to cause a continuous reaction that will result in the prostate cancer cell death. Despite its benefit of killing cancer cells, you should consult with your doctor if you want to consume the seeds directly in order to avoid the side effects.

4. Prevent infection

The extract of the seeds can prevent the growth and spread of bacteria. Some types of bacteria that cause meningitis and tuberculosis are believed to be overcome with 4-10 micrograms of cola seed extract.

5. Maintain digestive health

All parts of kola, including its fruit and seeds, can help accelerate the production of stomach acid and are very helpful to stimulate digestion more quickly.

The side effect of over-consuming bitter kola

Do not carelessly eat kola, either its fruit or seeds. You are strongly suggested to your doctor if you want to try eating bitter kola to avoid the risk of side effects. The significant level of caffeine found in kola bean extract can also be a risk for those who have caffeine sensitivity. This can cause trembling hand reactions, dehydration, abdominal pain, heart attack and insomnia if consumed excessively and uncontrolled.