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The Surprising Health Benefit of Ice Cream We Should Know Better

Just because you love ice cream doesn’t mean that it’s okay for you not to care about the health benefit of ice cream. It’s advantageous to know better about anything.

Ice Cream

This kind of sweetened frozen food usually served as a dessert or a snack, generally made from dairy products. The milk and cream, together with other ingredients, flavors, colors and often with fruits, is something that most people cannot resist. It is rare for people to dislike ice cream. Ice Cream lovers will be happier just to know that there are many advantages to eating ice cream.

Health Benefits of Ice Cream

  • Ice Cream is the source of Vitamin E, A, D, B12, C, and B6. It is also rich in Vitamin K, riboflavin, niacin, and thiamine.
  • Important minerals needed by our body are contained in ice cream. Calcium is to strengthen our bones and reduce the kidney stones. Phosphorus is good to strengthen our teeth, produce RNA and DNA, grow cells and tissue, etc. phosphorus also can reduce pain after exercising.
  • Ice Cream can help prevent infertility. By consuming ice cream made from milk with full fat regularly, women will have chances to have babies.
  • The thrombotonin—the hormone of happiness, is stimulated by ice cream. Ice cream is also good in reducing the stress levels. The ice cream made from milk consisting of L-triptophane—the natural tranquilizer, helps prevent insomnia symptoms and relax the nervous system.
  • Ice Cream is believed to be able to boost the sex drive. Women eating vanilla ice cream will boost their libido. Remember the calcium and phosphorus contained in ice cream? They can boost people’s libido as well.
  • Surely, ice cream is nutritious and it is also the source of energy. It consists of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, right? No doubt, it is the source of energy. Those wanting to gain weight should eat ice cream. However, they should know how much ice cream they need to eat, so they may have to consult their nutritionist first.
  • A study reported in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition USA that ice cream can help us lose weight. The vanilla ice cream with 140 calories, 14 grams of sugar, and 7 grams of fat can be included in your daily diet. Surely, you cannot just sit and eat ice cream.

Types of Ice Cream

There are several types of ice cream that we can consume.

  • Regular ice cream which has not more than ten percent of milk fat.
  • Reduced-fat ice cream which has about seven percent of milk fat.
  • Dairy gelato which always has some sorbet or granita.
  • Low-fat ice cream which has only three percent of milk fat.
  • Soft-serve ice cream which is aerated and frozen.

People love to eat ice cream with their favorite flavors especially when it’s summer. Even if in cold seasons, many people still love to eat ice cream. However, there are people who are afraid of consuming ice cream no matter what the season is. They are the ones who really care about their health. Actually, it is not harmful if we eat ice cream in moderation. In fact, ice cream has health benefits. The article about the health benefit of ice cream does make you feel happier after reading it.