Health Benefits of Kefir

It is great to know the health benefits of Kefir—a fermented, cultured milk drink. Kefir is originally from the place dividing Asia and Europe. It is similar to Yogurt.  

What is Kefir?

Like mentioned before, Kefir is fermented and cultured milk drink having a fizzing sound when consumed, a tart, and sour taste. It has a lot of probiotic bacteria and is one of the best calcium sources. People can make Kefir by using Kefir grains, which are rich in yeasts and various bacteria, and milk of cows or goats.

The fermentation length of time does differentiate the taste. The minimum of Kefir fermentation time is twenty-four hours. At least in twenty-four hours, the yeast and the bacteria are able to ferment lactose into lactic acid by making the bacteria develop and proliferate. The next thing to do is to strain the Kefir grains. The strained one is to be consumed. The Kefir grains can be used again and again to reproduce.

The Advantages of Kefir for our health

  • Kefir is for boosting immunity. The nutrients like folate and biotin are there to protect body cells. The specific one in Kefir is Lactobacillus Kefiri which is good to fight dangerous bacteria like E Coli and Salmonella. Kefir is the only drink that has Kefiran—the insoluble polysaccharine, which is antimicrobial to prevent candida from coming up, able to lessen the level of cholesterol and able to lower blood pressure risks.
  • One of the most deadly diseases—cancer, can be handled by Kefir. The probiotic in Kefir is proven to be great in killing the cancer cells.
  • Another great thing about Kefir is it can heal the skin problems, such as rashes, eczema, acne, and psoriasis. The Kefiran in Kefir is there to heal wounds.
  • Kefir with the microorganisms inside, improve the immune system by conquering the reactions of allergies. People with Asthma and other allergies are suggested that they consume Kefir regularly.
  • Kefir contains a lot of calcium, which is good to prevent Osteoporosis. It is the bioactive compound in Kefir that helps our body to absorb the Calcium and to prevent the degeneration of bone. By consuming Kefir regularly, we will be able to maintain the health of our bone since it contains Vitamin K2 proved to be good in improving the density of bone and absorption of Calcium.

The best portion of Kefir for daily consumption

You should drink 1-2 cups of Kefir every day. Some people who cannot stand the sour taste can drink less Kefir and try to add the portion day by day until they are able to at least have one cup of Kefir. It is also fine to add some water into the Kefir, so you won’t have difficulty drinking it, due to the heaviness.

The Smoothie Recipe to make us easier to consume Kefir

All you have to do is prepare a cup of Kefir, two tablespoonfuls of honey, half a cup of frozen or fresh strawberries, and ice cubes. Put them all in the blender and blend them until they become a soft, blended mixture. This mixture is for two cups. Blueberries can alternate the strawberries. The choice is yours.

We should be thankful for the existence of Kefir since it can help us maintain our health. Whether we make it by ourselves or buy the ready-to-eat one, we should make Kefir-drinking as a habit. It’s wonderful if the article about the health benefits of Kefir can make you consume Kefir every day.