Home Apps Top 3 Intermittent Fasting Apps Free for Weight Loss Diet Plans
Top 3 Intermittent Fasting Apps Free for Weight Loss Diet Plans
Top 3 Intermittent Fasting Apps Free for Weight Loss Diet Plans

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Merakyat.org – Intermittent fasting has become a trend nowadays due to its ease of diet. You only have to manage the eating and fasting time. Even during the fasting period, you can still drink water. The process will be much easier with an intermittent fasting app on your mobile phone. Check the best intermittent fasting apps free below and download one of them to keep you motivated. 


Zero has a lot of useful features to support your intermittent fasting project. For example, users can use a mood graph feature that analyzes moods based on what and when they are eating. It is the reason why this app became one of the most famous apps among intermittent fasting dieters. 

This app also facilitates dieters who love to read and need more information about this diet method by providing articles. For instance, you are about to learn the healthiest drink you can enjoy during your fast periods and even tips to sleep tight at night. 

This app is easy to use and suitable for beginners or first-time users. The developer provides a basic or free version and it is good for those who are doing an intermittent fasting diet for the first time. 


Do you want to do an intermittent fasting diet for losing weight? If so, download the Windows app to support you to achieve the goal. It offers a variety of tools to focus on doing an intermittent fasting diet for losing weight. 

The developer even installs a weight tracker to monitor weight-loss progress day by day. The interface is clean and aesthetic. It seems that after opening the app, your mood to lose weight is bigger than before. 

Previous users explain that this app helps them to significantly reduce their weight. The window is available on Android and iOS devices. Due to the features and reviews from previous users, it is considered one of the recommended intermittent fasting apps free you should try.  


Simple is another easy-to-use intermittent fasting app for beginners. The features also work well to guide you to reach your diet goal. For example, this app will always remind you about your fast. In case it seems, you want to give up, check the regular tips to pass throughout the day. 

The statistic feature allows you to monitor your project and progress. This app is not only for weight loss but also for other goal plans, including mindful eating and diet for reducing stress. Simple is also an option if you are using Apple’s Health app and Fitbit’s operating system. 

The point is that there are so many intermittent fasting apps free models you can try. These three apps are recommended. At least, you don’t need to get confused anymore about choosing the best intermittent fasting app. Best of all, you can do the diet right away. 

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