BEST Phone Apps You Should Try To Be More Productive
TOP 7 BEST Phone Apps You Should Try To Be More Productive

Phone Apps – Increasing productivity is one of the most important aspects of modern life, as it allows us to accomplish more in less time and achieve our goals more quickly. Our productivity can be improved by a variety of strategies and tools, including mobile apps. Here are seven of the best productivity apps you can use on your smartphone.

Top 7 BEST Phone Apps You Can Try To Be Productive

1. Todoist


Todoist is a popular task management tool for creating to-do lists, setting reminders, and tracking your progress. It may be used to keep track of daily tasks, work with team members, and share tasks. You can get to your tasks from any device because the app works on iOS, Android, and PC.

Todoist’s ability to create and arrange tasks into projects is a critical tool that may help you stay on top of broader goals. You may also specify priority and due dates for tasks, as well as add tags and comments to provide context. You can also quickly locate a given task or project using Todoist’s search engine.

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2. Forest


Forest is an app that helps you focus by planting virtual trees. The app’s concept is straightforward: as long as you remain in the app, a tree will grow. The tree will die if you close the app. The game provides a fun and interactive way to stay on track as you maintain your trees and build a virtual forest.

The Forest features a range of customization choices, including different tree species and backgrounds, in addition to the fundamental tree-planting tool. The app also allows you to create objectives, measure your progress, and set reminders to take breaks and remain hydrated.

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3. Habitica


Habitica is a free Android and iOS software that allows you to build habits and measure your progress. It’s based on the ancient pen-and-paper RPG HabitRPG, which was popular for many years until being discontinued. Over 5 million people have downloaded the app. Habitica is a free program that will assist you in developing healthy habits, breaking negative ones, and becoming the greatest version of yourself. Gamification is used in the software to make it fun and engaging for gamers like me.

It can also be utilized to keep your video company on track. Habitica is a productivity tool that makes developing habits for work, leisure, health, and self-improvement fun. Entrepreneurs all across the world have used the software, and they have experienced major gains in their businesses since they began using it. Incorporating habit monitoring into your professional life has numerous advantages. Habitica is a website that allows you to build and track habits.

It’s also an app that allows you to track your progress throughout the day. The browser extension is the best method to utilize Habitica. It will hold you more accountable and assist you in staying on track. Gamification is an approach that applies game-like dynamics to non-game circumstances. It transforms activities that would otherwise be tiresome and boring into exhilarating adventures. The Habitica app lets you establish goals and habits, track them, and reward yourself for fulfilling them.

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4. Evernote


Evernote offers a variety of apps for accessing and managing your notes. Here are some of the most popular Evernote apps:

Evernote for Windows and Mac: This is Evernote’s desktop application, which you may use on your computer. It has all of the capabilities found in other Evernote apps, such as the ability to write, edit, and organize notes, as well as add attachments.

Evernote for iOS and Android: These are the mobile versions of Evernote that can be accessed via your smartphone or tablet. They offer the same capabilities as the desktop version and can be used to access your notes while on the road.

Evernote Web: This is the online version of Evernote that can be accessed through a web browser. It includes the same capabilities as the other Evernote apps and allows you to access your notes from any device that has an internet connection.

Evernote Business: This is a version of Evernote intended exclusively for businesses. It has functions such as team collaboration and interaction with other business applications.

Overall, Evernote is a robust and adaptable note-taking and organization program that can assist you in remaining organized and productive. Evernote may help you keep track of your notes, projects, and ideas whether you use it on your desktop, phone, or in a web browser.

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5. Full HD Streaming Movie: Viu


A popular streaming service, Viu offers a wide selection of TV series, movies, and other video content.

Viu’s app is available on mobile devices, smart TVs, and PCs, so you can access its vast library of content wherever you are.

In the Viu app, users can download videos for offline viewing, which is especially useful if they travel frequently or have limited internet access.

You can simply download the shows or movies you want to watch ahead of time and watch them whenever you want, even if you don’t have an internet connection. 

Viu’s mobile app includes this feature, so you can take your favorite entertainment wherever you go.

The Viu app offers many useful features, in addition to offline viewing.

It has multiple language subtitles, for example, so you can watch stuff in your favorite language.

Using the “Continue Watching” option, you can pick up where you left off watching episodes and movies.

You can also create a watchlist so you can quickly view your favorite series and movies.

With Viu, you have access to a wide range of video content through your favorite device in a simple and easy manner.

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Using Pocket, you can save articles, videos, and other content for later viewing. It’s a great resource for compiling a list of resources and staying organized because you can access it all from one place.

Pocket’s main advantage is its ability to save content from anywhere.

Using the app’s bookmarklet, you can save content directly from your web browser, or you can save content directly from popular apps such as Twitter and Flipboard.

Pocket is available for iOS, Android, and PC devices, so you can access saved information anytime, anywhere.

Pocket not only saves stuff, but also helps you organize and find it.

Using the app’s search tool, you can identify things that have been tagged with keywords.

Using Pocket, you can also discover new material by reading recommended and popular articles.

Overall, Pocket is a useful tool for anyone who wishes to stay organized and track resources.

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7. Freedom


Freedom is an app that helps you stay focused and prevent distractions by temporarily banning distracting websites and apps.

It can be used to block certain websites or to create bespoke blocks that block all distracting content for a set period of time.

You may use the software on any device because it is available on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and PC.

One of the primary advantages of Freedom is the flexibility to personalize your blocks to meet your individual requirements.

You can create many blocks with varying settings and automate them using the app’s scheduling feature.

Freedom can also be used to track your progress and discover how much time you save by staying focused.

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Our final conclusion about the 7 Best Phone Apps to Make Your Life More Productive

To increase your productivity, you can make use of a variety of phone apps.

Todoist, Forest, Habitica, Evernote, Viu, Pocket, and Freedom are some of the better possibilities.

The best app for you will be determined by your unique needs and tastes, so try out a few different options to find out which one works best for you.

Whatever app you use, the important thing is to find one that helps you stay organized, focused, and on track.