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What are the Best Construction Estimating Apps?
What are the Best Construction Estimating Apps?

Merakyat.org – In a construction project, it is necessary to do a construction estimation. Things that could be included in this process are general contractors or builders. You will need to create a detailed list of things, such as an estimation of the total cost, construction schedules, and also construction plans. It is very necessary to count how much you will spend per day and if it works with your budgeting. It might be daunting to count them, but you can use construction estimating apps to help you do this task. Here are some recommendations that you can try to help you plan your construction budget.

1) Clear Estimates

If you are a residential or a small contractor, Clear Estimates is your best friend! It is an internet-based estimating app. You could also create a proposal with their proposal generation tool that is designed specifically for residential contractors. It is accessible from any device as long as you have internet access. The app also has a neat interface for you to work on.

2) ProEst Estimating Software

ProEst work with more than 8,000 construction companies in the past to create the best construction estimating apps. This app is created for both subcontractors and contractors. It is cloud-based with a high-security guarantee. ProEst also gives you access to digital takeoff capabilities and report or proposal templates to help contractors win their project bids. It is also named one of the most flexible apps for users.

3) Procore Estimating Software

Procore already established software where users can keep track of their construction projects. However, their recent team-up add a new feature that you can use. Now you can do construction estimation and keep your construction plan in one place. This goes with auto synchronization which makes your work easier. You can even do financial management and analytics with Procore.

Construction Estimating Apps Features

The best construction estimating apps should have features such as Pre-built estimate templates, supplier pricing database, and also formulas. Templates work to keep your planning neat and systemic. Whereas the supplier pricing database gives you insight into the materials and supply price that you need for the construction project. As for the formulas, you will need them to automatically count all the numbers you have. It helps that you have predefined formulas that make counting easier. That’s the main idea of this app.

That is all about the construction estimating apps! It’s such a beneficial app for construction projects. Are you interested to try? 

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